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Enter to Win a School Playground from Miracle Recreation Equipment

Active outdoor play is an essential element in the health and emotional well-being of children. Regular playtime at school can teach younger children the basics of good sportsmanship and fair play as well as instilling a love of physical activity and healthy exercise that can promote better health throughout the child’s life. Scientific studies have demonstrated time and again that regular free play is necessary for the proper development of muscles and small and large motor skills, and it is a key element in the emotional and intellectual growth of preschool and school-aged children. A Safe Place to Play Due to budget cuts and limited funds, many schools are making do with aging, increasingly unsafe playgrounds or, in some cases, with no playgrounds at all. This is especially true for smaller schools that may not be able to come up with the necessary funds for a safe, appealing playground for their students. This can limit the free play opportunities of the students and result in a reduced ability to pay attention and learn well during class time. The best playgrounds are designed not only for physical activity, but also to spur the imaginations of students. Children who miss out on these ... Read more