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How to Make Inclusive Play Exciting for Everyone

Schoolchildren in Utah had waited excitedly for their new playground to be installed. When the play equipment was finally ready to play on, one play event was the clear star of the show. The new Avalanche Inclusive Slide was the playground component every child wanted to play on. This is the first and only accessible slide of its kind. The lower transfer point allows children to access the slide from ground level. From there, they can pull themselves up by gripping the side rail. Once they've reached the desired height, gravity whisks them down the slide. At the opening event over 25 kids were standing at the base waiting to get on the slide, with another 10-15 on the deck above watching, waiting their chance to climb up and slide down this new slide. The Avalanche Inclusive Slide is great for developing upper body strength and also facilitates many other sensory motor skills as children move up and down the slide. Miracle’s representative, Vern Garrett of Garrett and Company, Inc. who brought this exciting playground to the school, could not wish for the better feedback from the toughest playgrounds’ critics-children. Bringing the thrill in playgrounds is what Miracle Recreation does best. For ... Read more