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Ocee Park Re-Opens with Miracle Playground

Ocee Park Re-Opens with Miracle Playground Ocee Park, located in John’s Creek, Georgia, received a Miracle® Makeover this past month, with help from Hasley Recreation, Inc. A brand new state-of-the-art playground took the place of an outdated structure. Robby Newton, Parks Manager, led this project with safe but challenging play in mind. Two structures were completed in early April— one for children ages two to five, and another for five to twelve-year-olds. Newton couldn’t have been happier with his decision to entrust Hasley Recreation with this project. “From a project management perspective, the recent John’s Creek Ocee Park Playground renovation with Miracle was extremely smooth, from the contract phase through the last pitch of engineered wood fiber! In fact, they finished two weeks ahead of my projected timeline!”   Ages 2-5 For the younger children, the structure includes climbing opportunities and slides, with Miracle’s new not-so-traditional Generation Swing (shown left), which allows for siblings, parents, grandparents, or caretakers to enjoy face-to-face swinging with a toddler. In addition, the climbing ramp provides a safe play experience for younger visitors. Ages 5-12 For the older kids, Miracle brings back the thrill of play with a multi-level Mega-Tower® and the inclusive Avalanche Slide. This slide is the first and only ... Read more

Miracle Recreation Names California-Based Miracle Playsystems Agency of the Year

  Miracle Recreation Equipment Company, one of the leading commercial playground equipment sources in the country, has named Oakland-based Miracle Playsystems as its 2015 Agency of the Year. Miracle Recreation has over 50 agencies throughout the United States, Canada and other international locations. Each year an agency is chosen based on its commitment to innovation and quality. Miracle Playsystems is the exclusive distributor of Miracle Recreation products throughout Northern California, the Central Valley and the Central Coast. “We are just delighted and humbled by this honor,” says Kit Steven, President of Miracle Playsystems. Steven goes on to explain, “Our company is really known for two characteristics: our passion for design, and our commitment to customer service.” Steven emphasizes his organization has dedicated sales support and designers on staff, eager to work with clients of all kinds on many different kinds of projects. “Miracle Playsystems can do anything the client needs, from designing and installing a very basic, safe, affordable playground for an elementary school, to working with an award-winning landscape architect on custom-designed city parks.” About Miracle Recreation Equipment Company Founded in 1927, Miracle Recreation Equipment Company is one of the leading commercial playground equipment sources in the nation. The company provides customized solutions for ... Read more

How to Make Inclusive Play Exciting for Everyone

Schoolchildren in Utah had waited excitedly for their new playground to be installed. When the play equipment was finally ready to play on, one play event was the clear star of the show. The new Avalanche Inclusive Slide was the playground component every child wanted to play on. This is the first and only accessible slide of its kind. The lower transfer point allows children to access the slide from ground level. From there, they can pull themselves up by gripping the side rail. Once they've reached the desired height, gravity whisks them down the slide. At the opening event over 25 kids were standing at the base waiting to get on the slide, with another 10-15 on the deck above watching, waiting their chance to climb up and slide down this new slide. The Avalanche Inclusive Slide is great for developing upper body strength and also facilitates many other sensory motor skills as children move up and down the slide. Miracle’s representative, Vern Garrett of Garrett and Company, Inc. who brought this exciting playground to the school, could not wish for the better feedback from the toughest playgrounds’ critics-children. Bringing the thrill in playgrounds is what Miracle Recreation does best. For ... Read more

Replacement Miracle Playground Installed at Joplin’s Cunningham Park to Mark One Year Anniversary of Joplin Tornado

Monett, MO USA May 18, 2012 Joplin’s Cunningham Park suffered severe damage as a result of the devastating EF5 tornado on May 22, 2011.  Located directly across from the former site of the badly damaged St. John’s Hospital, Cunningham Park featured two Miracle playgrounds, both of which were destroyed.  Nearly a year later and during the week of May 7th, Miracle Recreation installed replacement playgrounds with the help of volunteers and Miracle Recreation employees. Located just over 40 miles from Joplin, Miracle Recreation’s manufacturing facility and offices employ many Joplin residents.  Several employees and their families were personally affected by the tornado.  “Our employees were deeply affected by the Joplin tragedy and it was important to us as a company and as a member of the community to help with the rebuilding process,” added Don Hemingway, Vice President of Business Development for Miracle’s parent company, PlayPower, Inc.  Immediately following the disaster in Joplin, Miracle Recreation Equipment Company implemented a “Playgrounds 4 Joplin” program, which generated a $25,000 contribution towards the replacement playground. Proceeds for the purchase of the replacement playgrounds were provided by the City of Joplin and by Miracle Recreation through its $25,000 donation.  A local Miracle certified installation company and approximately ... Read more

Making Playgrounds Accessible & Inclusive for All

  After reading an interesting article from a mother frustrated with the accessibility options of a new playground in her community, it reminds us all to keep accessibility and inclusive play at the forefront of our minds when designing our playground equipment. Commercial playground equipment manufacturers today have taken great steps forward in providing new and exciting options that cater to children with a wide range of challenges, whether it be physical, mental or social.  It is our responsibility as community members and mentors to provide a play space that promotes inclusive play for all children. Providing accessibility to playground equipment entails more than just complying with minimum accessibility requirements, standards and laws. It means providing a play space where children of all abilities can experience play together.  With all of the resources and options out there today, there is no reason our playground equipment can’t be exciting for all children. Playground equipment manufacturers have recently introduced a barrage of new ADA products including double wide ramps, accessible merry-go-rounds, therapeutic swing seats, and sensory panels that feature sound, music, and interaction.  Plus, more exciting options are becoming available every day! Not all of us our experts on accessibility, and we don’t have to be.  ... Read more

Spring is Coming! Is Your Playground Ready?

Days are getting longer, the weather is getting warmer, and it’s that time of year when everyone is itching to get outside, especially children.   Now that Spring is almost here, have you taken the steps to make sure your outdoor playground equipment is safe and ready for use? Every park, school, and recreation department should have a maintenance schedule in place for their playground equipment.  This includes checking for appropriate surfacing levels, loose hardware, evidence of vandalism, and any and all items that could pose a safety threat to children when using the playground equipment. Many playground safety websites offer comprehensive checklists that can be used to ensure every item on the playground meets certain safety criteria.  Playground maintenance and repair can seem like a daunting task. Don’t be afraid to ask for volunteers and encourage community involvement in your park and playground upkeep. If your playground is looking a little worse for the wear and posing safety threats that aren’t an easy fix, it might be time to consider investing in new equipment.  Many older playgrounds are not compliant with current safety rules and regulations, by investing in new equipment you can ensure your playground equipment is safe and accessible for ... Read more

Tips & Tools to Help You Make Your Dream of a New Playground a Reality

Many school districts, park associations, churches and camps around the globe are dreaming and hoping of the day they can install their new playground equipment.  Whether you are replacing a rusty, old playground, or adding a new one, playgrounds can be costly.  But there are many tools out there today that can help make that dream a reality. Most of us are aware of the statistics surrounding childhood obesity and the push for national programs to improve the health of our children across the nation.  What you may not know is that there are many programs out there that can help you gain funding for your commercial playground equipment. FUNDRAISING If you’re serious about getting that new playground, don’t stop there.  Your local community can play an integral role in making the dream of a new playground a reality. Start by marketing your efforts and telling your community about your goals and how it can impact the children in their neighborhood, school etc.  Get help from your commercial playground equipment provider.  Many of them offer fundraising programs that include marketing materials, fundraising management, and goal tracking websites. Read more