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Commercial Playground Equipment

Miracle’s commercial playgrounds are a great choice for any park, school, daycare or church playground need. We offer several models to choose from to fit your budget, capacity, age group and space requirements. Click on any of the images or links below for our convenient product selection tool:

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Search a listing of all Miracle Recreation’s commercial playground equipment.

Center StageCenter Stage®
A unique single pedestal design for any age group that allows kids to be in view at all times.

Kid's ChoiceKids’ Choice®
Our most versatile and popular system, with high capacity, heavy duty 5″ posts, compatible for any age range.

Mega TowerMega Tower®
Our revolutionary triple and double deck systems with towering slides and 5″ posts for children ages 5-12.

Nexus Fitness ClustersNexus
Modern playground design for ages 5-12.

Tot's ChoiceTots’ Choice®
Big play with big value, our most affordable system with 3.5″ posts, compatible for any age range.

Extreme Generation
Towering adventure playground with challenging physical events for children seeking extreme play!





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