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How to Choose a Theme for Your Community Playground

In today's media-saturated world, children as young as 6 months are already spending time on tablets and smartphones. By their teens, they spend, on average, seven hours a day using screen-based media outside of school and homework. This…

Trailside Park, Ashburn, Virginia

Check out this castle-themed wonderland in Ashburn, VA! Trailside Park has play fit for the kings and queens of Ashburn as they climb, slide, and imagine their way across this thrilling castle. [gallery columns="4" link="none"…

Why Schools Should Have More Playground Equipment

One of the most important but often overlooked learning spaces at any school is its playground. A school's play area is more than just a place to unwind or blow off steam in between math, reading and history. School playgrounds are…

Top Trends for Modern Playgrounds

Playgrounds have been around for a long time — the first one in the U.S. popped up in Boston in 1886 — and they're an important part of communities everywhere. In many areas, playgrounds play a critical role in creating compact…

Themed Playgrounds

Why Choose a Playground Theme? Building your playground around a theme helps make your play area a more engaging space at your school, playground, park or other facility. Themed play areas also inspire kids by helping suggest ways they can…

Winter Outdoor Activities for Kids

When the weather gets cold, many parents fear playing outside will be bad for their children. However, encouraging kids to participate in outdoor activities, either with other kids or as a family, can be beneficial for several…

The Most Popular School Playground Games

Children play many classic outdoor games on the playground or at the neighborhood park, many of which have been played for generations, and some are new for this generation of youngsters. Kids love playing, whether it’s at…

Using Themed Playgrounds to Inspire Play

Most people want their playground to stand out, but don't know how to give it that "wow" factor. The secret to an unforgettable playground experience lies with its theme — a playground with a memorable theme will stick out in families'…

The Importance of Imagination in Child Development

Imagination is an essential component of childhood, helping children learn many important lifelong skills. Most children can pick up an ordinary object — a box or a piece of cloth — and see its potential for a fort or superhero cape,…