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Cyclo Cone Plus Spinner And Climber

Cyclo Cone Plus Climber

Product Number: 306-4
The Cyclo Cone Plus Climber includes all of the climbing and spinning fun of the Cyclo Climbers with the addition of climbing inside the structure. An entrance to the center of the cone allows for inclusive play. Children of all abilities […]
Cyclo Diamond Spinner

Cyclo Diamond Climber

Product Number: 306-3
The Cyclo Diamond Climber is the most dynamic of the Cyclo Climbers. The multiple angles will give children an added challenge and adventure. Spinning and climbing are two important play motions. Spatial awareness, rhythm, and brain […]

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Cyclo Cone Climbers

Reach exciting new heights! Combine the thrill of spinning with physical, cognitive, imaginative and social play. Now multiple kids of different ages and abilities can enjoy a single play experience at the same time. The Cyclo Cones’ […]

The Importance of Sensory Play at Playgrounds

From day one, a child's brain is wired to use their senses to explore the world around them. Even before they can talk, babies put things in their mouths, make noises, and grab anything they can get their hands on. As children grow older, […]