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10 Things Parents Should Know Before a Playground Trip

If you're planning on taking your kids out for a nice day at your local park or playground, there are some things you should know before you go. You should take some time to consider what to take to the park and what guidelines to give […]

The History of Playground Equipment

Invention 1821-1900 1900-1930 1930-1950 1950-1970 1970-1999 1999-Present To modern people, it's obvious that kids need spaces where they can exercise their bodies and their imaginations. Playgrounds provide just […]

Making Playgrounds Accessible & Inclusive for All

What Is an Accessible Playground? What Is an Inclusive Playground? Why Make Your Playground Accessible and Inclusive? How to Make a Playground Accessible and Inclusive Accessible and Inclusive Equipment to Include in Your […]

Maintenance Tips for School Playgrounds

Every school should review maintenance tips for school playgrounds with staff regularly. In order to ensure that children stay safe and are are able to continue playing, proper maintenance of your equipment and the surrounding area is […]

Building a Community Park: 8 Steps You Should Follow

Understand How to Choose a Park Location Know the Market and Community Engage the Community During the Planning Process Factor in Landscaping and Architecture Provide Options for Multiple Park Activities Choosing Appropriate […]

Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Playground

Increasing access to playgrounds has provided numerous benefits for children of all ages. One of the biggest benefits of playground equipment is that it boosts the amount of physical activity kids get. Children are also more likely to use […]

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Commercial Playground Equipment Are you looking for quality commercial playground equipment to create an exciting, durable and affordable place for children of all ages to play and have fun? We provide innovative and inclusive […]

The Importance of Sensory Play at Playgrounds

From day one, a child's brain is wired to use their senses to explore the world around them. Even before they can talk, babies put things in their mouths, make noises, and grab anything they can get their hands on. As children grow older, […]

The Importance of Play in Child Development

Benefits of Play for Children Emotional Benefits of Play Social Benefits of Play Mental and Creative Benefits of Play Physical Benefits of Play Benefits of Play to Different Age Groups Importance of Non-Screen Time […]