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Play Shade Hip Joined (MRPSH113)

Play Shade Hip Joined

Product Number: MRPSH113
Our Hip Joined shade features the same clean, straight lines as our traditional Hip shade, with shared steel posts that reduce the column count while increasing the shaded footprint. This cost-effective design is ideal for large play […]
Play Shade Pyramid

Play Shade Pyramid

Product Number: MRPSP047
The Pyramid shade is a four-post solution similar to our Hip structure. Its square, peaked roofline is ideal for covering extensive outdoor spaces such as areas featuring large play structures. Available in your choice of embedded or […]
Play Shade Mariner Pyramid (MRPSM004)

Play Shade Mariner Pyramid

Product Number: MRPSM004
Our Mariner Pyramid design provides the same amount of shade as our Hip and Pyramid structures, but features a more sophisticated look. Its unique shape and layered appearance give an added touch of distinction to outdoor spaces with […]
Play Shade Two-Post Hip (MRPSH106)

Play Shade Two-Post Hip

Product Number: MRPSH106
The Two-Post Hip shade is one of our most cost-effective designs and features two columns that provide up to 308 square feet of shade. Available in your choice of embedded or recessed base plate mounting options. Standard and External […]
Play Shade Full Cantilever (MRPSC008)

Play Shade Full Cantilever

Product Number: MRPSC008
The Full Cantilever design is a great choice for shading large areas that need to be clear of columns. It is ideal for covering large footprints such as extensive play structures, seating areas or bleachers. Available in your choice of […]
Play Shade Single Post Pyramid Cantilever (MRPSP021)

Play Shade Single Post Pyramid Cantilever

Product Number: MRPSP021
The Single Post Pyramid Cantilever shade provides the same benefits as the Single Post Pyramid, but its cantilevered design keeps columns out of the shaded area. Available in recessed base plate mounting option only. Standard and External […]

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