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Top Trends for Modern Playgrounds

Playgrounds have been around for a long time — the first one in the U.S. popped up in Boston in 1886 — and they're an important part of communities everywhere. In many areas, playgrounds play a critical role in creating compact…


Share the Benefits of Shade Shade keeps your playground more comfortable by keeping temperatures lower in the warmer weather, and helps ensure that play equipment stays cooler to the touch. With high-quality shade structures, there is less…

Continuing Education

Continuing Education for Professionals We are thrilled to offer Continuing Education (CE) to professionals like you, who share our goal of creating inspiring, innovative play solutions for all communities. We offer courses for free, with…

Guide to Choosing Playground Equipment for Ages 5-12

Playground equipment can delight kids at any age, but kids between the ages of 5 to 12 develop capabilities that might require different functions. Whether they are playing in a school or public park, kids can learn valuable skills during…

Making Playgrounds Accessible & Inclusive for All

Do you remember spending afternoons swinging high into the sky, dreaming of life's possibilities? Or speeding down the slide to catch up with a friend? Many of us look back fondly to the days when life revolved around the playground. It's…


School Playground Equipment For many kids, recess is the best part of their day. For others, it may be the only time they get to enjoy active play. At Miracle® Recreation Equipment Company, we understand the importance of play and…