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Sand & Sea Table

Product Number: 418-162
This table is perfect for providing an exciting sensory experience. Designed with a lid, this table can store sand or water easily for long-lasting use.

Clover Leaf Sand Box

Product Number: 418-154
Shaped like a four-leaf clover, this lucky sandbox encourages kids to create and explore, all while providing a sensory experience that helps their development.

ADA X-Cavator™

Product Number: 446MA
This unique structure gives every child the chance to imagine themselves a construction worker, with large, easy-to-grip handles at an ccessible height. Kids can scoop and release sand like a real excavator, using it to build whatever…

Miracle® Timber Sandbox

Product Number: 1140
Kids will love building castles or burying treasure in Miracle® Timber Sandbox. Offering a sensory play experience, this structure builds a child’s sense of touch and, when sand toys are incorporated, encourages cognitive development.

Seated X-Cavator™

Product Number: 446MS
This seated structure offers kids the opportunity to play as a construction worker, scooping and releasing sand to build whatever they can imagine. A version without a seat is also available to provide easier access for kids using mobility…

Sandy Rock

Product Number: 494132
This freestanding equipment gives kids the chance to experience realistic exploring within a safe context. Featuring a combined scenario of rock, sand, and trees, children of all ages will enjoy the exciting play this structure inspires.…

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