Why Miracle Recreation

Why Miracle?

Miracle Recreation first began shaping the future of play in 1927 when our founder John Ahrens created the revolutionary Miracle Recreation Whirl — a thrilling, kid-powered merry-go-round — based on the timeless insight that, “kids want action” and the desire to create a legacy of “leaving it better than we found it.” That same inspiration has driven more than 90 years of continuous dedication to developing innovative new products and creating safe, durable, inclusive equipment. We’re always growing and changing to better serve you with new ways to make safer, longer-lasting play experiences that can be enjoyed by future generations.

For nearly a century, Miracle® Recreation has brought innovation to playspaces, children, and communities throughout the United States. We offer the right price on the most extensive selection of equipment that meets the industry’s highest standards of safety, durability, structural integrity and accessibility around the world.