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As one of the nation’s first and most innovative playground equipment manufacturers, Miracle is proud to provide kids, designers, and purchasers alike with delightful play structures that inspire years of adventures. Together, we can foster healthy, active lifestyles across communities and help shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

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Phyzics® Moon

Experience the full combination of our new Phyzics® climbers! Kids bond with friends as they scurry up asymmetrical rungs on our Phyzics® Crescent with Chameleon Slide, build their balance on flextread, and strengthen their skills on rope through this expansive structure! Chameleon Slide completes the adventure with a rush of excitement that kids will want to revisit again and again.

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Freestanding Hex Climber

Modern design sets this freestanding climber apart as kids explore each of its angles. Not only does its unique layout add a visual statement to your play space—its abstract structure allows kids to build their strength, coordination, and balance on their terms.


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