PlayPower® Introduces PlayArmor™, First Antimicrobial Protective Coating Introduced Exclusively for Application on Commercial Playground Equipment & Site Furnishings

Trusted by Hospitals and Restaurants, PlayArmor Provides a Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Biostatic Finish That Neutralizes Microbes

  • PlayArmor is available now for use exclusively on PlayPower’s brands of indoor and outdoor play equipment, and in early 2021 for its treated site amenities such as picnic tables and benches
  • Cleaning with a disinfectant only lasts until the next person touches the equipment; registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, PlayArmor takes safety to the next level, with no need to reapply for up to 90 days to help protect playgrounds and site furnishings between cleanings
  • With many playgrounds closed temporarily due to the pandemic, the company launched PlayArmor to help create an even safer environment as playgrounds reopen

HUNTERSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, November 17, 2020 — PlayPower, the world’s largest commercial playground and recreational equipment manufacturer, today introduced PlayArmor, a long-lasting antimicrobial coating specifically targeted for use on playgrounds to add a barrier of protection to the surfaces that children touch. PlayArmor is available in the U.S. for exclusive use on PlayPower’s brands of indoor and outdoor play equipment.

Registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), PlayArmor is based on well-established technology that’s scientifically proven to create an effective, safe and active surface barrier.

“PlayPower has a legacy of doing things the right way, so the safety of our brand product lines — and of play itself — is always our priority,” said Todd Brinker, PlayPower senior vice president of sales and marketing for outdoor play. “At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we began talking to customers about how we could help keep their play equipment safe. We set a goal to make play environments as germ-free as possible and PlayArmor is the result of that focused effort.”

PlayPower is the exclusive distributor for Clearstream® Technologies, the specialized chemical company that makes PlayArmor for application on commercial playgrounds and site amenities, such as picnic tables and benches.  No other playground equipment manufacturer has access to the PlayArmor brand.

Representatives for the PlayPower brands Little Tikes Commercial®, Miracle®, Playworld®, and Soft Play® will make PlayArmor available for application to existing and newly purchased play equipment after installation. PlayPower brand Wabash Valley, makers of high-end commercial site furnishings, will begin coating new products during manufacturing in the first quarter of 2021.

PlayArmor, which bonds to the playground surface, remains effective for its intended purpose for up to 75 pressure washes. PlayPower recommends reapplication every 90 days, which maximizes product surface protection throughout the year.

“Whether indoors or outdoors, it’s impossible to keep playgrounds germ-free just with daily cleaning and disinfection, because they are only effective until the next child or parent touches the equipment,” said Ken Schober, vice president of PlayPower’s indoor play division. “PlayArmor helps protect surfaces between cleanings.”

PlayPower will offer commercial-grade labels that let visitors know the playground has been treated with PlayArmor. The labels will also direct people to further information about the antimicrobial coating via a website link or QR code.

PlayArmor is safe for contact with humans, animals and the environment. The technology is used throughout hospitals, including in surgical theaters, isolation wards, medical research facilities and intensive care units.

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About PlayArmor

The active ingredient in PlayArmor is categorized as a silane quaternary ammonium. This is a well-established class of antimicrobials that enact a “mechanical kill” of pathogens rather than a “chemical kill.” In effect, PlayArmor penetrates the cell wall of the pathogen, killing it by rupturing the cell membrane. Other antimicrobials on the market poison cells to kill them, creating the potential for antimicrobial-resistant superbugs. That is not possible with PlayArmor. PlayArmor does not protect against airborne transmission of viruses. Therefore, mask wearing, social distancing and other protective measures are still recommended during indoor and outdoor play.

About PlayPower®

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