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Commercial Playground Equipment

Miracle’s commercial playgrounds are a great choice for any park, school, daycare or church playground need. We offer several models to choose from to fit your budget, capacity, age group and space requirements. Click on any of the images or links below for our convenient product selection tool:

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Search a listing of all Miracle Recreation’s commercial playground equipment.

Center Stage®
A unique single pedestal design for any age group that allows kids to be in view at all times.

Kids’ Choice®
Our most versatile and popular system, with high capacity, heavy duty 5″ posts, compatible for any age range.

Mega Tower®
Our revolutionary triple and double deck systems with towering slides and 5″ posts for children ages 5-12.

Modern playground design for ages 5-12.

Tots’ Choice®
Big play with big value, our most affordable system with 3.5″ posts, compatible for any age range.

Extreme Generation
Towering adventure playground with challenging physical events for children seeking extreme play!
Custom Designs
Our Custom Design Studio has the imagination and experience to bring any idea to life!

Miracle Recreation is a commercial-grade playground equipment supplier offering a range of commercial playground equipment designed just for your needs. No matter your target age group or budget, we can offer and customize playground systems to suit your needs.

Whether you have a giant space to fill or a limited amount of real estate for play, Miracle Recreation can create a fun and exhilarating play space with the capacity and level of play you want.

Industrial Playground Equipment Can Offer Thrills

You don’t have to head to an amusement park or the movies for fun and excitement. Miracle Recreation specializes in adrenaline-boosting playgrounds that are safe, while offering a thrilling play experience. We start with imagination and excitement, always asking, “How can we make this more fun and more thrilling for kids?” Since 1927, questions like this have allowed us to build some of the most innovative and adrenaline-charged equipment for playgrounds around.

We offer pre-designed playground structures and systems, so you can select a playground with everything you need for one price. Get the perfect balance of fun activities, accessible equipment and everything else you need for many years of fun play.

In addition, unlike other playground suppliers, Miracle Recreation makes it easy to create a custom solution for your play space. Miracle Recreation offers children’s playground equipment such as playground components, site amenities, fitness equipment, freestanding play products and everything else you need to build a great playground. We even create custom options if you have something truly unique in mind. We can make your playground dreams come true!

If you want an exciting marine-themed or nature-themed playground, Miracle Recreation can help you bring that vision to life. Is inclusivity necessary for your playground? Miracle Recreation has many options to make your playground fun for children of all ages and ability levels. Perhaps you want a play area with fitness equipment and options for kids to enjoy thrills while they get in shape and learn to embrace the fun of an active lifestyle. Miracle Recreation has fitness equipment to make it happen.

All playgrounds and equipment offered in the Miracle Recreation catalog undergo strict safety and quality checks so you can enjoy peace of mind. Contact one of our representatives today for more information and a free quote!

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