Gravity Rail- Playground Track Gilder

Experience the Thrill of Gravity Rail™ Playground Track Swing

Looking to add new, exciting equipment to your playground? How about a track ride that lets kids cruise through the air, feeling the breeze in their hair as they glide through the sky? With the Miracle® Recreation Gravity Rail , you can do just that!

The Gravity Rail lets you bring an exciting playground track ride experience that integrates easily with our Kids’ Choice® playground equipment. And unlike other track rides, the Gravity Rail offers an innovative two-directional playground track ride that works in both directions to provide a round-trip ride, so the thrill never ends!

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Add More Excitement with Gravity Rail™ Playground Trackline

We offer several options to help you find a Gravity Rail that fits your needs and play area. You can even choose from our customizable colors so your Gravity Rail will fit in perfectly with your current playground colors.

  • Gravity Rail Track One has a ride track of 89 feet and a downward slope to help kids get some speed. A big curve adds some more thrill.
  • Gravity Rail Track Two has a ride length of 64 feet and curves to give kids a thrill. This rail also has hills to simulate the excitement of a rollercoaster-like ride.
  • Gravity Rail Track Three is the longest playground track, with a 113-foot ride. It features a downward slope and large hill.

With three Gravity Rail tracks, you are sure to find one that fits your needs and play area.

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