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Looking to add new, exciting equipment to your playground? How about a zip track that lets kids cruise through the air, feeling the breeze in their hair as they glide through the sky? With the Miracle® Gravity Rail track ride, you can do just that!

The Gravity Rail lets you bring an exciting playground track ride experience that integrates easily with our Kids’ Choice® playground equipment. And unlike other track rides, the Gravity Rail offers an innovative two-directional playground track ride that works in both directions to provide a round-trip ride, so the thrill never ends!

We offer several options to help you find a Gravity Rail that fits your needs and play area. You can even choose from our customizable colors so your Gravity Rail will fit in perfectly with your current playground colors.

  • Gravity Rail Track One has a ride track of 89 feet and a downward slope to help kids get some speed. A big curve adds some more thrill.
  • Gravity Rail Track Two has a ride length of 64 feet and curves to give kids a thrill. This rail also has hills to simulate the excitement of a rollercoaster-like ride.
  • Gravity Rail Track Three is the longest playground track, with a 113-foot ride. It features a downward slope and large hill.


With three Gravity Rail tracks, you are sure to find one that fits your needs and play area.

To find out more or to add this exciting option to your playground reach out to a rep at Miracle Recreation® to learn more, or ask for a free quote.

Gravity Rail: Track 1

Red Gravity Rail Swing With Back Connection

Gravity Rail: Track 2

Straight Line Green Gravity Rail Swing

Gravity Rail: Track 3

U Shaped Red Gravity Rail Swing

Age Groups: 5-12 US (5-12 years CSA)
Product Line Availability: Kids’ Choice®
Standards: ASTM, CSA
Colors: All standard colors available for post accents, Mira-Therm™, Rockite, and seat
Material Specifications: Contact your local sales representative for the material specification sheet
Estimated Lead Time: Approximately 4 Weeks
Additional Information: Gravity Rail component includes Rail Sections, Rail Supports, Carriage with Seat, Ramps and Ramp Handrails. Decks, Deck Posts, Roofs and additional enclosures not included.