Miracle Machines

Miracle Machines™: Coming Soon!

Elaborate, whimsical, mechanical, play panels use a fun and complicated series of levers, pulleys, slides, and switches to perform simple tasks like feeding a cat, serving a cup of tea, or kicking a ball.

Sensory-rich and designed for ages 2 and up, Miracle Machines provide cognitive learning, cause-and-effect insights, and a fine motor experience, making them perfect additions to your inclusive playground. Plus, they encourage multiple children to play together, creating the ultimate playground destination.

To create these three delightful and thrilling Machines, Miracle Recreation has partnered with The Rube Goldberg Institute For Innovation & Creativity, a nonprofit organization that encourages creativity and access to STEM and STEAM education through the creation of comical and overly complicated chain-reaction machines that achieve a simple task.

The Miracle Machines are a great addition to your playground and will support your organization’s focus on STEM/STEAM learning through play.

A simple way to feed your cat:

The cat will get one treat after another with the engaging magnetism of “Curiosity Thrilled the Cat”! Turn the crank to get it started. Watch the snacks follow their fascinating path through the machine, passing amusing obstacles. Listen to the fun sounds for an enhanced sensory experience.

An easy way to make a cup of tea:

Make one cup of tea after another with “My Cup of Tea”! Start by driving one of two wheels – one low, one high – to ensure accessibility for all. With multiple points of user engagement, children will be delighted turning this and switching that while following the action to make their cup of tea. A bell and chimes add to the entertaining sensory experience.

A sure-fire way to score a goal:

Turn the wheel to start the ball toward a high-scoring conclusion with “Goooaaalll”! Delighted children will begin to perceive the cause-and-effect relationship of their actions on a ball’s journey, while joyful sounds heighten their play experience.

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About Rube Goldberg®

As a cultural icon of the 20th century, Rube Goldberg (1883–1970), Pulitzer Prize-winning American cartoonist and innovator, continues to inspire audiences with his inventive genius. Of the estimated 50,000 cartoons he drew in his lifetime, Goldberg is best known for those that depict “Rube Goldberg Machines” — the chain-reaction contraptions, typically made from everyday objects, that solve a simple task in the most overly complicated, humorous, and inefficient way possible. In their funny functionality, Goldberg’s inventions invite all of us to think more deeply about machines and mechanized processes, gadgets and technologies, and the very human ways in which we use them.

About The Rube Goldberg® Institute For Innovation & Creativity

The Rube Goldberg Institute stands as a “museum without walls,” offering experiences designed for the 21st century that span the virtual and physical and introduce people to the rewards of engaging in the arts and sciences. Rube Goldberg’s legacy reminds us of the crucial importance of informed observation, creative thinking, artistic response, problem-solving, curiosity, and inventiveness. The family-run Institute, founded in 1988, proudly works with educators, organizations, and commercial brands to present the world and work of Rube Goldberg through education, entertainment, and cultural endeavors inviting young people from around the world to discover the power of creativity and innovation. For more information about The Rube Goldberg® Institute For Innovation & Creativity, visit www.RubeGoldberg.org

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