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Including a playground in your housing development or neighborhood is a great way to serve the community. Neighborhood playgrounds attract young couples and families and give kids a safe and fun place to play. Many families look for this amenity in their neighborhoods and appreciate a common play area where they can get to know their neighbors and build a real sense of community.

For decades, Miracle® Recreation has been helping residential communities such as condo buildings, apartment complexes and other housing developments choose and implement the right neighborhood playground equipment to keep kids engaged and entertained. Our creative, safe and adrenaline-boosting commercial play equipment makes for a smart investment in any residential area.

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“The Mega Tower structure is AWESOME! It certainly has that ‘wow factor’ and is so much bigger and better in person. We have had an overwhelming positive reaction from the community which we couldn’t have asked for anything more.”

— Julie Gosselink, The Ahrens Park Foundation, Grinnell, Iowa

“Our rep was flawless. They were with us and made it easy every step of the way. This was one of the best experiences we have ever had it. We would recommend Miracle 100 percent.”

— Pat Sullivan Mayor, Richland, Mississippi

“Miracle stands above everybody else. I would recommend this play structure and Miracle to any other city out there, to get their kids active and to increase their quality of life.”

— Cole Smith, Director of Parks and Recreation, Richland, Mississippi
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What to Consider When Choosing Neighborhood Playground Equipment

Miracle Recreation has helped many housing developments create the ideal play spaces for kids in their communities. When deciding what to include in your play space, consider:


Creating a play area centered around a theme lets kids play in a train station, have adventures on a ship, play on a fire station, or any other concept you and our designers can imagine.
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Residential communities may have children of different ages and abilities using the playground, so it’s essential to find enriching play options in inclusive play spaces that enable all children to play together.
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Housing developments want to provide the safest play areas for their communities, and Miracle Recreation delivers play equipment that offers features such as safety grips and quality, and solid construction.
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Return on Investment

To make sure their playground investment pays off, housing developments need play areas that see frequent use and last for years. Miracle Recreation can help create playgrounds that deliver lasting thrills.
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Creativity and Innovation

A playground is a great opportunity to help showcase what makes your community different. Creative, unique play areas show you’re willing to look further than just any traditional playground.
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