Playground Equipment for Cities

When you invest in playground equipment for cities, you’ll experience the many benefits of play while benefitting the community. At Miracle® Recreation, we’ll get you the urban playground equipment that best suits your area and budget while drawing upon innovation and creativity.

Miracle Recreation has helped communities that are located in cities develop fun, safe and exciting play spaces for more than nine decades. With our comprehensive design services and creative customization solutions, Miracle Recreation makes it simple to create playgrounds that are more than a match for the unique challenges of urban parks and the limitations of city spaces.

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Playgrounds for Urban Areas Make the Most of Busy Spaces

Miracle Recreation can help you choose urban playground equipment that works with your space. Our local representatives understand the unique needs of city playgrounds. Your budget and space may be limited, or you may need to fit a play area into a busier area that requires site amenities or barriers to keep the space safe and clean. Since Miracle Recreation offers a variety of play equipment, site amenities, stand-alone play equipment and more, we can help you create the best playground possible.

We can also help you choose a themed playground that naturally complements the surrounding area. Whether you want towering equipment that mimics the skyscrapers of downtown, a fire station or a pirate ship, we can make it happen. Structures like our Miracle Recreation Mega Tower, for example, give you the ability to take play to new heights and add excitement to any play area. With these kinds of customization options and an elite design team, we can help you bring your unique vision to life.

Best of all, Miracle Recreation is known for innovative, thrilling playground equipment, which is a natural fit for urban areas. If you’re looking for modern and innovative play equipment to match the modernity of your city, Miracle Recreation is a great choice. For more than 90 years, we’ve been creating adrenaline-boosting playgrounds that will encourage children in your city to come back again and again.

Miracle Recreation can help you find play equipment that can withstand the harshest environments and fight against the spread of germs. Our steel climbers, slides and durable play panels are just some of the options we offer to keep children playing for years to come. High-quality, solid construction and long-lasting coatings give your playground the durability to stand up to the elements and years of play, too.

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Benefits of Playground Equipment for Cities

Cities don’t always fit the traditional park environment, but they’re still ideal spaces for play. Urban playground equipment provides many benefits for kids, families and communities alike. From economic value to physical fitness to a sense of togetherness, playgrounds bring all sorts of perks to urban developments.

Economic Development

City playground equipment can increase the property value of surrounding homes and even bring homebuyers, workers, businesses and retirees into the community. Families are more likely to move into an area that appears safe for kids to play and explore, and an urban playground is an excellent indicator of a child-friendly environment.

Community Engagement

Playgrounds play a vital role in the community. They can define the feel of a city and its neighborhoods, increase visual appeal and ultimately revitalize the area. Playgrounds also help to bring community members together. Play equipment encourages people to gather, socialize and build relationships with one another, increasing their sense of belonging.

Crime Reduction

Studies show that playgrounds reduce crime rates in neighborhoods and communities, especially in urban areas lacking in greenery. Crime decreases because playgrounds give kids and teenagers a physical and emotional outlet and a safe place to escape and play. With playground equipment in your city, you can improve the lives of at-risk youth and reduce illegal acts, such as violence, disorderly conduct and property crime.

Child Betterment

Urban playgrounds aren’t just for play. They also help kids gain the skills they need to grow and develop into well-adjusted individuals. Playing on city playground equipment provides physical, cognitive and social benefits for kids in several ways:

  • Physical: Playground activities like climbing, jumping and swinging positively influence various aspects of health and fitness, such as weight, balance, cardiovascular health, agility, upper- and lower- body strength, muscle development, bone health, coordination and balance.
  • Cognitive: Playing on playgrounds leads to cognitive growth and development for kids, helping them improve upon their problem-solving skills, self-esteem, critical thinking, creativity, language, literacy and strategic planning skills.
  • Social: Kids naturally interact with one another when playing on playgrounds. This socialization helps them gain important social skills, such as patience, fairness, cooperation, inclusion, compassion, respect, acceptance, tolerance, making friends and overcoming challenges.

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