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Nexus Fitness Clusters: Fitness Made Fun!

This fitness playground equipment for schools, communities, parks and other commercial uses comes with many benefits:

  • Help develop many types of fitness. From heart health to balance, coordination and flexibility, many types of challenging activities are possible with this equipment. Kids have fun exploring different activities in one area and as they do, they build strength and work on their physical development.
  • Make fitness fun. With bright color variations available and lots of activities in one spot, it’s no wonder this outdoor fitness equipment for kids is such a hit! Children love trying new activities, and the open-ended fun of this equipment offers lots of possibilities. Kids can climb in different ways, spin and more. With so much going on, playtime can last for hours, which also means kids get plenty of exercise.
  • Build social skills and fitness at the same time. Children can have fun playing solo or can compete with each other to figure out who can get to the top of a climber first. Since the equipment is open-ended, they can also work on emotional and creative development, pretending the playground is a castle, fortress or other structure.
  • Offer plenty of customization options. Nexus Fitness Clusters come in a variety of colors and setups. Whether you want more climbers, overhead activities or a cleaner look, you can make it happen. There are even options for smaller spaces, so no matter how much room you have to work with, Miracle Recreation can provide options.
  • Made with quality in mind. From sturdy materials that require less maintenance to durable finishes that stay looking new longer, this fitness equipment delivers quality. Nexus Fitness Clusters also meet or exceed all relevant safety standards, and can even help you build an accessible and inclusive playground. If you’re looking for an investment that will last, putting these fitness clusters on your playground can be just the solution.


Nexus Fitness Clusters are a great choice for making your school or community better focused on encouraging fitness for kids. If you’re looking for outdoor fitness equipment for kids’ playgrounds, contact your nearest Miracle Recreation sales rep to find out how we can help you bring exercise to your community.