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Is your neighborhood, organization, school, or park looking to attracting more visitors and attention and encouraging involvement in the community? When it comes to making a positive impression and becoming a source of pride in your community, there’s no better way to bring people together, boost your reputation and encourage return visits to your area than by offering something everyone can enjoy and take part in — like an exciting new play area!

A community playground aids in child development, encourages an active, imaginative lifestyle for kids and gives adults a place to gather, socialize and watch their kids play. When you’re installing or updating a play area in your community, you want to make sure your new site has the best of everything for the most enjoyable and secure play experience — including site amenities like children’s play area fencing and custom playground signs.

When it comes to the highest quality, durability and design in every kind of equipment, pick your playground equipment and amenities from Miracle Recreation®.

Timber Access RampMiracle Recreation Commercial Playground Signs and Playground Fencing

At Miracle, our business is built on bringing the thrill back into outdoor play areas. We want kids to imagine, explore, get active and experience the outdoors — and our innovative, top-quality equipment lets kids in your neighborhood do just that. Our wide range of fun, unique equipment includes extra site amenities to set your space apart, make it more secure and customize it to your community. Boost your playground’s appeal with a variety of extra amenities, including:

  • Playground fencing: Mark your playground’s boundaries, keep kids within the grounds and give parents peace of mind with tasteful, secure fencing to enclose your play area.
  • Custom signs: Install a custom sign in your play community to provide a friendly feel and useful information like your playground’s name, hours, rules and other details that can set your area apart and make your guests feel welcome.
  • Miracle Timber: Provide an extra separation element or an area for kids to sit and play between turns on the equipment with our customizable timber links in various colors and dimensions.
  • Access ramps: Provide easier access and inclusive play with our access ramps for your play area.

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Applications for Children’s Play Area Fencing

All of our equipment is innovative, modern, stylish in design and superb in durability — and it’s available in a variety of colors for your playground’s unique aesthetic. Our wide selection of playground equipment and amenities are great for a play area in a variety of outdoor and community settings, including:

  • Parks
  • Neighborhoods
  • Urban settings
  • Schools
  • Community centers
  • And much more!

Why Choose Miracle for Your Playground Fences?

With a passion for putting excitement into the equipment your community’s kids play on, Miracle Recreation provides the extensive selection of durable, fun, high-quality outdoor equipment for your kids’ playground. Talk to your closest Miracle sales rep to request a quote for your playground fencing, signs and other amenities today.