Budgeting and Grants

Find the Resources to Create the Play Spaces You Want

A big part of building any play space is ensuring that you have the financial resources to buy high-quality equipment that has been tested for safety and performance.

There are a number of ways to get the money you need to cover the costs of the purchasing and installing new equipment for your playground project:

  • Raise the funds through events such as bake sales, car washes, or asking for donations or sponsorships from local residents, community organizations, or businesses
  • Apply for grants from the local, state or federal government, large businesses or non-profit organizations
  • Lease your playground equipment instead of purchasing it

Playground Fundraising

With the help of Miracle Recreation, your organization will be able to raise enough funds for a new playground.
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Leasing & Financing

Leasing is an easy and affordable way to fund and enjoy the benefits of a new playground today by paying for it over time.
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Playground Grants

Apply for grants from local, state or federal government, large businesses or non-profit organizations that can help finance your playground project.
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Community Build

Establishing a community build playground project can help you save money while providing a valuable and rewarding social experience.
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The Miracle of Play™ Program

Do you need help funding your playground in the near future? If so, we can help.
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Playground Funding Made Simple

Miracle Recreation has many different resources designed to make it easier to get the playground equipment you need. Our resources include:

  • Online sites to help you raise funds
  • Leasing programs
  • Resources to start your fundraiser right, including parent letters, fundraiser kickoff packets, money envelopes and more
  • Information about grants for which you may qualify if you want to buy from an ADA-compliant playground manufacturer
  • An Honest Price Promise, to match a competitor’s offer
  • Help from Sourcewell (formerly the NJPA — National Joint Powers Alliance) to assist with the bidding process
  • A partnership with KaBOOM!, a non-profit dedicated to making playgrounds accessible to more children across the country
  • A General Services Administration (GSA) number (GSA # GS-03F-072GA), which allows you to get special government pricing when you shop with Miracle Recreation
  • A design team to help you create the playground you want within your budget

Along with all these advantages, Miracle Recreation offers a sale to help you save on your playground purchase.

What’s in a Price?

When you’re building a playground, trying to cut corners does not work. Buying based on price alone can mean you end up with equipment that does not have the same safety features or is not as durable, meaning you’ll need to consider replacement costs sooner. Making a purchase based on price alone can also mean you get equipment that may not assist children with their development or inspire them to play. It is not a bargain if no kids want to use the playground, or it doesn’t last very long.

The solution is to think quality first. Well-built play equipment from Miracle Recreation is innovative, durable and thrilling. We design the playgrounds children and local organizations including churches, schools, campgrounds, daycares, and parks want to have in their community.

Contact one of our representatives today to review your options regarding your financial needs. Our goal is to help you build your ideal playground while staying within your budget.