Playground Fundraising

Playground FunRaising

A playground is a priceless addition to any park, school or organization. It encourages kids to stay happy and healthy through active play, and it helps them become productive members of their community. By providing a playground for your community’s children, you’ll give them lasting memories and confidence that they’ll carry for a lifetime.

To build the perfect playground for your community, you’ll first need a budget for installation, equipment and maintenance — which is why playground fundraising is a fantastic way to start your project. Fundraising helps you bring your dream playground to life on any budget — even if you don’t currently have enough funds. And while you raise money for new equipment, you’ll also bring the community together to shape the lives and futures of your area’s children.

No matter what your fundraising goals are, we’re here to help. Whether you want to raise funds for a small new swing set or a large playground structure, we’ll help you create a custom program suited for your needs. You’ll find peace of mind knowing that the children of your community can enjoy durable playground equipment for years to come.

Playground Fundraising with Miracle® Recreation

We believe in your cause as much as we believe in our high-quality playground equipment. That’s why we offer our own individualized playground fundraising program to provide you with a simple, customizable and fun way to plan for your play space.

Fund your new playground fast with the help of our easy-to-understand and effective FunRaising program. We’ll help you create a custom program for your organization that offers:

  • 50% profit on food and non-food programs
  • Free brochures, parent letters, and money envelopes
  • Fully prepared fundraising packets for kickoff distribution
  • Customer orders that are individually packaged, labeled with participants’ names and ready for delivery
  • A personal FunRaising representative to help out every step of the way

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