Leasing & Financing

Start Enjoying the Benefits of a New Playground Today

Leasing offers an easy and affordable way to fund your new play space and pay for it over time. It also provides you with the purchasing flexibility to bring in all the money to get your project started now with extremely attractive rates, potential tax advantages and an easy, step-by-step process. Plus, since you won’t have to raise all the funds upfront, leasing may also give you the ability to afford even more playground equipment than you originally considered.


Marlin Leasing

Marlin is a direct lender providing financing to businesses so they can acquire new equipment and technology while preserving capital.
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NCL Government Capital

If budget is a concern for your municipal playground, you can take advantage of financing through NCL Government Capital.
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With the assistance of our leasing partners, Miracle® Recreation can help you bring your playground to life. Leasing also offers additional benefits to your business:

  • Ability to Preserve Cash
    When you lease, you don’t have to invest the entire purchase amount at once. This allows you to save money for other projects or even for playground maintenance. Being able to save cash can help improve your cash flow and ensure that you invest over time.
  • Potential Tax Advantages
    Since you spread out the payments for your playground, you may be able to claim the payments as a deductible over several years. Contact your tax advisor to find out how leasing options can be advantageous at tax time.
  • Source of Capital
    Leasing is flexible and allows you to enjoy the asset of a playground without sinking all your money into it. You can retain some liquid assets instead of investing them all in purchase costs, allowing you to enjoy more working capital for your organization or community.
  • Ability to Invest in Better Equipment
    When you lease, you pay affordable monthly payments, meaning you don’t have to worry about the total cost. You can afford a high-quality playground and equipment when you lease because the cost is staggered over time.
  • Flexibility and Convenience
    Leasing your playground offers additional flexibility and convenience. You may be able to select a financing option that makes sense for you, and you enjoy the convenience and versatility of building your playground now, without having to wait months or years to fundraise. You can then continue fundraising until you have the money to pay for the playground.

Our leasing partners have the ability to work with all commercial type businesses as well as corporate, state and local non-profits. The application process is quick and easy with high approval rates and competitive financing options.

Quite simply, leasing allows you to enjoy your playground now and to pay for it over time at an affordable rate. This easy program takes the guesswork out of funding for playgrounds and helps make your dreams of a playground a reality. Combined with fundraising, it can be a powerful resource to make a playground more affordable than you imagined.

If you’re interested in playground financing, contact your local Miracle Recreation representative to learn more about leasing and to get the process for playground funding started. Miracle Recreation has worked with many customers to help secure funding, including recreation departments, schools, non-profits, parks, churches, daycares, preschools and more. Contact your local Miracle Recreation representative today to learn more.