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Church playgrounds help your place of worship or faith organization in many ways. If you wish to attract those with children, church playground equipment can make your organization more appealing. Play areas can be a fun and enriching space for children to spend time at your place of worship. These spaces can even be used for faith-based youth activities. Just as your organization provides spiritual support, playground equipment for churches and other places of worship also helps you serve your community by offering an enriching place for children to play, stay active and learn.

Choosing the Right Play Equipment for Your Faith Organization

When choosing equipment for the play space, consider the following:

    • Where will the playground equipment go? Consider the space you have as well as the terrain involved. Will you need a shade canopy to keep out the sun? Will you need to adjust for uneven ground? Are there trees nearby that may interfere with how sprawled out your equipment can be? Miracle Recreation® can help if you want to create a fun, enriching playground but aren’t sure where to start.
    • Who will use the equipment? Playground equipment for older children may not be age-appropriate for toddlers. Consider the typical age range of the kids playing on your play equipment, and make sure to choose equipment appropriate for their abilities and ages. You will also want to consider inclusive play equipment. Just as your place of worship accepts everyone, your playground should be welcoming to children of all ages and abilities.
    • How will the equipment be used? Consider whether you will be using the play equipment mainly to get children playing or whether you want to use it as part of religious programs for kids. If the latter, speak with your community to find out what kind of play equipment will help you create the programming you want. If the equipment is mainly for play, look for enriching equipment that is fun while also helping children develop socially, physically, emotionally and cognitively.
    • What is your budget? When it comes to church playground equipment, affordable options are important. Miracle Recreation reps can show you a number of budget-friendly options that don’t skimp on safety or quality. You can also phase-build your play space, which allows you to pay for your playground over time. Don’t forget to explore financing options, fundraising and grants to help you pay for play equipment.

    Contact your nearest Miracle Recreation sales rep to get customized advice and help on building the playground that will help your religious community the best.