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Miracle Recreation™ is a leader in daycare playground equipment. If you operate a preschool or daycare and want to add creative, fun, exciting and safe daycare playgrounds, take a look at the options available through Miracle Recreation.

The reality is that playground equipment for daycares is very different than equipment for older children. Miracle Recreation understands this and offers fun equipment designed for children ages two through five. Designed to encourage development while allowing for play and safety, this preschool playground equipment is ideal for outdoor fun.

What to Consider for Preschool Playgrounds

The Miracle Recreation team can help you choose the right playground equipment for your preschool or daycare organization. In general, you will want to look for:

  • Age-appropriate activities. Children between the ages of two and five need activities geared for their age group for safety reasons. Playgrounds designed only for older children may be dangerous for toddlers. In addition, children in this younger age range will enjoy the most developmental benefit from equipment created for them.


  • Equipment designed to encourage development. Activity panels and sensory play equipment help children learn and explore the world around them. With these pieces of equipment, your playground becomes a solid investment that allows you to nurture the children in your care and assist with their development.


  • Safety features. Children between the ages of two and five are rapidly developing balance and strength in their muscles, allowing them to tackle more activities. Nevertheless, they will have less strength, balance, and judgment than older children. Features such as sturdy grips and good playground surfacing can make your playground safer. Miracle Recreation can help you find the right safety options for your playground. Miracle Recreation preschool playground equipment also undergoes strict safety checks and careful testing, so you can be sure it is designed and created for safety as well as the utmost fun.


  • Miracle Recreation playground equipment is designed to last. This is important, since preschool and daycare playground equipment sees a lot of use. Miracle Recreation equipment is designed to withstand all types of weather and continue working well over the years.


  • Social interaction and creative options. Miracle Recreation playground equipment is created to encourage creative play and to let children play together, helping them build social skills.


Take a look at the preschool and daycare playground options available through Miracle Recreation or contact Miracle Recreation now to discuss custom solutions today!