Product Description

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Elevate your playground by adding one of the first levitating-style play nets in the United States. The Hover Net allows multiple kids to play together on a thrilling new pyramid-shaped rope climber suspended across five sturdy support posts.

The Hover Net playground rope climber offers a stimulating combination of physical, social and imaginative play, benefiting kids of all ages in numerous ways. Plus, the eye-catching design will help your park stand out and attract kids and families to your destination.

The Hover Net from Miracle® Recreation provides a higher challenge level for kids by increasing the perceived risk. Kids will feel like they’re crawling on a giant web suspended midair as they navigate the Hover Net, which adds an exciting level of thrill to their playtime experience.

This playground rope climber also engages kids with sensory play that is valuable to their growth. Kids can experience proprioceptive sensory play, which helps them determine precisely where their bodies are and plan and coordinate movements effectively.

The Hover Net has a fall height of 7’6″. You can also purchase this attraction in Bolt Down, which has a higher fall height of 8’4″.

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Sensory Play

Sensory play is crucial to every child’s development and growth. This product provides the following sensory play experiences:


Proprioception is very important as it lets us know exactly where our body parts are, how we are positioned in space and how to plan our movements

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