Product Description

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All children can become lunar explorers with Miracle® Recreation’s Phyzics Full Moon. This frame net climber lets many children play together on the same piece of equipment, and provides varying levels of challenge to keep even older children engaged. A JAX® central climber provides a multifaceted vertical challenge in the center of the structure. Hurricane climbers add a horizontal dimension to the fun, and a rope forest offers dynamic footholds for kids trying to avoid contact with the ground. Users can also test their coordination, balance, and strength by scaling the arched Orbs climbers or angled Flextread climbers further out on the perimeter.

Phyzics Full Moon is an eye-catching piece packed with play value. It combines rope with Miracle legacy pieces to create an entirely playable surface that stands apart from traditional post and platform systems. Without clearly defined play paths, users are encouraged to decide how to interact with the equipment and to what degree. This open format encourages kids to create their own routes from point A to point B and explore the key features of the product in their own way.

The portals on rope walls and the ring seats are available only in the color palettes: Whimsical (463-2W), Natural (463-2N), or Primary (463-2P).

Sensory Play

Sensory play is crucial to every child’s development and growth. This product provides the following sensory play experiences:


Proprioception is very important as it lets us know exactly where our body parts are, how we are positioned in space and how to plan our movements

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