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Sale Price: $2,399
Sale Price: $2,399

Ten Spin

Model#: 304W (304C)
Model#: 304W
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The Ten Spin is a great standalone item that can be installed outside alone or as part of a larger playground. This piece of spinning playground equipment can accommodate up to 10 kids at once and helps make your play area more inclusive. Children of various ages and abilities can enjoy a fun play experience.

Ten Spin playground equipment lets kids stand, kneel or sit as they spin around, so children can hang on in the way best suited to their preferences. Sturdy handles let children hold on as they go around.
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The Benefits of Ten Spin Playground Equipment

Playground equipment that spins lets children explore the thrill of movement, but the Ten Spin also helps with other development and skills growth, too. Since it can be used by groups of children, it is great for building social skills and creating friendships. The cocoon seats are brightly hued and are made of a sturdy plastic that lets kids explore visual and touch senses. The seats also provide support and can help children align into a better posture, helping with physical development. These seats are also designed to provide helpful boundaries for children who need help recognizing and adjusting the position of their bodies. Furthermore, the experience of spinning can help children build independence and confidence, as well as balance.

Quality materials ensure the Ten Spin looks great and keeps performing over the years, even with heavy use. This ADA-compliant piece of equipment is a favorite option for schools, parks, communities and other areas where childhood play spaces are a benefit.

If you’d like to make Ten Spin part of your playground, contact your nearest Miracle Recreation sales rep to find out more. Our design team can help you build the ideal playground for your area and the kids you serve.

  • ADA: Yes
  • Age Range: 2 - 12 years
  • Capacity: 10
  • Fall Height: 2'
  • Protective Area: 20' (6.1M) x 20' (6.1M)
  • Weight: 1,000 lbs (454 kg)
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