Product Description

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Miracle Museum™ is a new-to-the-playground-industry children’s museum experience that gives kids the chance to engage in fantastical sensory events. Children touch, listen, see, and play their way through this mesmerizing collection of products.

Add products from the Miracle Museum collection to your existing playground, or include them in a new design, to create a space that kids will want to spend their time exploring. Because most Miracle Museum products do not require safety surfacing, they can convert under-utilized spaces into sensory rich play areas—think parking lots, old basketball courts, and more! And with modern, clean lines, Miracle Museum fits indoors, too, in unique settings such as lobbies, hospitals, waiting areas, and shopping centers. 

All of the products in the Miracle Museum collection were designed to create a play experience that surprises kids and draws them in for hours of play. The collection was designed with universal play principles, meaning it’s appropriate for all ages and abilities—even caregivers can join in the fun!

Miracle Museum’s Tranquility Corner provides a soothing space for children who might be overstimulated by busy playgrounds. Colorful features provide a focal point that becomes a retreat for children if play becomes overwhelming, without having to leave the playground. Tranquility Corner gives families of varying needs and abilities the chance to play together and play longer, without fear of too much stimulation pushing a child over the edge. It provides good lines of sight as well as a tactile calming experience for a child. 

*Tranquility Corner requires two Tots’ Choice Expansion below-deck panels. Capacity varies based on panels chosen.

*Tranquility Corner shown here with perforated sensory panels, but any Tots’ Choice Expansion below-deck panel can be used in Tranquility Corner’s frame.

Prices are approximate. For playground component prices, please contact your local representative. Prices do not include surfacing, installation, shipping, or appropriate sales tax. Prices shown in US Dollar and may change without notice.