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Commercial Playground Equipment

If you need commercial-grade playground equipment for your school, park, daycare, church, place of worship or any other space, Miracle Recreation® is the clear choice. We offer several models to choose from to fit your budget, capacity, age group and space requirements or we can customize playground systems to suit your needs. Whether you have a giant space to fill or a limited amount of real estate for play, Miracle Recreation can create a fun and exhilarating play space tailored for your needs.

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Since 1927, Miracle Recreation has been at the forefront of innovation and creative design, and the tradition continues today with pre-designed and customizable playground structures and systems that let you meet your needs on your budget. Our commercial play equipment is accessible and inclusive as well, balancing thrilling fun with interactivity, creativity and smart safety features.

We are a one-stop solution, where you can buy playground shade, outdoor fitness equipment, site amenities and everything else you need in one place, so you can be sure it all works together. We offer advice and design support, so you get the final look you want. Since every playground is different, our customizable, scalable solutions ensure you get something built specifically for your needs. Our design team can even help you create a play space around a specific theme, or advise you on how to create an inclusive playground for all abilities or to appeal to a range of age groups. Best of all, our playgrounds keep kids coming back again and again. Learn more about what makes us different.

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Thrilling Professional-Grade Playground Equipment for Kids

Fun, thrilling playgrounds are what Miracle Recreation is known for. The secret is that we start by asking kids what they want to see in order to experience the most exciting playtime possible.

We offer pre-designed playground structures and systems, so you can select a playground with everything you need for one price. Get the perfect balance of fun activities, accessible equipment and everything else you need for many years of fun play.

If you want an exciting marine-themed or nature-themed playground, Miracle Recreation can help you bring that vision to life. We offer themed and custom playground equipment to provide you with just the solution you’re looking for. Is inclusivity necessary for your playground? Miracle Recreation has many options to make your playground fun for children of all ages and ability levels. Perhaps you want a play area with fitness equipment and options for kids to enjoy thrills while they get in shape and learn to embrace the fun of an active lifestyle. Miracle Recreation has fitness equipment to make it happen.

All playgrounds and equipment offered in the Miracle Recreation catalog undergo strict safety and quality checks so you can enjoy peace of mind. Contact one of our representatives today for more information and a free quote.