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Commercial Playground Equipment

Are you looking for quality commercial playground equipment to create an exciting, durable and affordable place for children of all ages to play and have fun? We provide innovative and inclusive playground equipment for your community to build, whether at a park, church, campground, housing development, daycare or school. We design each of our products with excitement in mind and aim for kids to have the time of their lives while gaining the social and physical benefits of outdoor play.

Since 1927, Miracle Recreation has been at the forefront of innovation, design and playground safety catered to children of all ages and abilities. We customize commercial-grade playground systems to fit your needs. Whether you desire affordable equipment for a particular age group or theme or the space dimensions limit you, we are here to help. We also offer playground shade, site amenities, outdoor fitness equipment and first-in-the-industry playground elements. And we’re just getting started!

Because every customer’s budget needs and space requirements vary, we ensure our customizable solutions apply to each situation. When designing a commercial playset, we know it’s important for us to consider elements such as:

  • Helping you stay within your budget
  • Incorporating the features and themes to suit your vision
  • Providing sensory challenges and accessible play stations to accommodate each and every child

Our commercial playgrounds offer constant stimulation and learning opportunities for youth.

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Find Stimulating Commercial Play Equipment and Outdoor Structures

We pride ourselves on providing the most thrilling outdoor play equipment available. Check out Miracle’s Gravity Rail and Extreme Generation — two first-in-the-industry playground elements!

We also offer the longest slides in the industry and innovative outdoor playground equipment pieces, including:

Budget-Friendly Commercial Playground Components

Miracle Recreation’s commercial-grade playgrounds allow you to take advantage of their many benefits, like a new sense of community and a safer place for kids to be active, while on a budget. You will have the ability to design a structure to fit your space requirements while working within your allocated amount of playground funding.

And if you’re looking to add play structures to your existing layout, we’re here to help! Our playground equipment offers accessibility, inclusivity and excitement to any park, school, church or public area.

Our product categories give you the freedom to choose from a selection of configurations. You can mix and match commercial playground designs or work one-on-one with a professional to find a solution to your needs. We offer the following customizable play components:

The Benefits of Choosing Miracle Commercial-Grade Playground Equipment

Riveting, durable commercial playground equipment for kids in your community is right around the corner! Our featured products demonstrate several creative benefits of playgrounds, like:

  1. Honest Price Promise: Our Honest Price Promise applies to schools, parks and housing audiences. Provide any offer received by a competitor along with a quote, and we will give you a better solution at an equal or better price.
  2. Shade: Although we want your kids to enjoy our thrilling outdoor playground equipment as much as possible, we understand the risks of prolonged sun exposure. We came up with a solution to help prevent sunburns and heat-related illnesses — shade! Our shade features can protect kids from a variety of weather conditions while keeping them safe and happy.
  3. Site amenities: Our modern playset amenities include slides, soccer nets, tether balls, benches, basketball hoops and more!
  4. Outdoor fitness: Our outdoor workout equipment and training systems accommodate users of all ages — toddlers, adolescents and adults. No matter the intensity of your workout or fitness routine, our outdoor fitness equipment can meet your needs in a variety of ways.
  5. Custom capabilities: Our team of innovative designers is happy to help you design a unique experience for your kids. Together, we’ll create a stimulating commercial playset that will keep your kids and families coming back for more.
  6. Inclusive: At Miracle Recreation, we believe every kid should have the opportunity to experience a high level of engagement, stimulation and challenge. Our “Playgrounds for All” inclusive playgrounds offer a variety of sensory and accessibility benefits to all kids.
  7. Themed: Our themed industrial playground components inspire imaginative play and creativity. Kids love our castle theme, which features enchanting crawl spaces and thrilling obstacles. Nature and marine themes are also popular choices.
  8. Equipment tailored to age: We tailor our commercial playsets to create an engaging, stimulating experience for kids ages two through twelve while meeting the highest safety standards. For more than 90 years, we have helped early childhood centers, parks, community playgrounds and churches design the right industrial play equipment for their needs. For kids between five and twelve, you can find more innovative approaches to encourage prolonged engagement, challenge and learning opportunities.
  9. Promotions: We offer promotions throughout the year for parks, schools and housing audiences.
  10. Color options: Choose from a multitude of smooth and textured color options for industrial components like plastic, powder-coated painted metal, anti-microbial painted metal, panels, swing seats, play shades and fire-retardant fabrics. Our color theme options inspire creativity and innovation.

Trust Miracle Recreation to Be Your Commercial Playground Equipment Manufacturer

Our testimonials speak to the “Wow Factor” of our products and designs. Our clients have remarked on the quality we provide, in addition to the endless learning opportunities, fresh challenges and stimulating playground equipment that is unparalleled in the industry. We also offer budgeting and grant options for all our playground equipment.

If you’re getting started in the world of playgrounds, know that the equipment we offer in our catalog undergoes stringent quality checks to give you peace of mind when it comes to our play systems. Contact one of our representatives today for more information and a free quote. Our customer service team is available — on the phone or online — to answer your questions.