Playground Equipment for Ages 2-12

For more than 90 years, parks, communities, schools, places of worship, daycares and other organizations have turned to Miracle® Recreation when looking for high-quality, innovative playground equipment for ages 2-12 that keeps kids coming back again and again.

Miracle Recreation has developed an industry reputation for providing innovative and thrilling playground equipment. Our vast selection of choices and our customization options mean you can select the perfect playground for your space, budget and needs.

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Appealing to Kids of All Ages

Designing playground equipment for all ages has its unique challenges. One is that children at the younger age of this spectrum need lower heights and different tools to stay safe, while children who are 11 or 12 years old may be more drawn to thrilling pieces of equipment and can handle additional physical activity since their core muscles and coordination are more advanced.

Miracle Recreation can help you create a safe space for children of all ages by helping you choose pieces of equipment that are safe for younger children while being engaging for older kids. We can also help you create zones of fun for different ages — our experts would be happy to discuss all the possibilities available to you.

Miracle Recreation has a range of playground equipment for children ages 2–12, and our design support can help you design a creative, fun and inclusive space for kids of different ages and abilities. Whether you need a playground for a school, daycare, park, community, church or other commercial application, start by reviewing our products. Or, contact a representative to get more information or a free quote.

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Check out our Product Catalog which features our latest commercial playground equipment and many new products.

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