Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Today, we’re more aware than ever of the importance of exercise and movement for kids, teens and adults. Physical activity encourages overall well-being, and studies have shown countless lifelong benefits of regular fitness for physical health, cognitive aptitude and more.

Miracle® Recreation can bring outdoor fitness equipment to your school, park, recreation area, community or other outdoor space. After working with hundreds of communities to introduce innovative outdoor exercise equipment and solutions, we’ve seen firsthand how our equipment encourages exercise and provides a fun place for all ages to gather outside.

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Miracle Recreation Lets You Stay in Control of Your Outdoor Workout Equipment

Working with Miracle Recreation to create your outdoor exercise space offers you many benefits, including:

  • Durability: With solid construction, quality materials and durable finishes, Miracle Recreation fitness equipment will withstand the elements for years while allowing for plenty of robust workouts.
  • Safety: We help you provide a safe workout for adults and kids alike. Our outdoor workout equipment encourages correct form, and our training systems have pictograms and signs to teach visitors how to safely use each piece of equipment.
  • Equipment for all ages: We have a range of fitness solutions, so you can create spaces where adults, kids and teens can enjoy the benefits of working out. Grouping outdoor athletic equipment for adults and youth together allows kids to get inspiration from siblings and caretakers while also letting your space appeal to people of different ages.
  • Customizability: Miracle Recreation has a significant selection of innovative outdoor fitness equipment solutions, so you can choose whole systems that give a full-body workout or stand-alone pieces to target a specific body part. Our fitness equipment can be installed in parks, outdoor areas at businesses, schools or other commercial spaces. Our innovative designs and complete customization options give you full control of how your workout space looks and functions.
  • Convenience and ease of access: Miracle Recreation lets you bring the benefits of accessible fitness to your city or town. Whether you’re bringing exercise equipment to your place of worship, school or another area, you’re making exercise more accessible by saving people gym fees and allowing community members to get moving — even outside of gym hours.
  • Flexibility: Miracle Recreation works with you. We take your space, unique needs and budget into consideration to help you develop real-world solutions to reach your goals. Whether you have a business and want to offer an outdoor space for employees to exercise or have a school that needs youth fitness equipment to get kids’ blood pumping on the playground, Miracle Recreation can provide solutions specifically for your needs.

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Outdoor and Park Exercise Equipment From Miracle Recreation

Miracle Recreation offers adult outdoor workout equipment and outdoor training systems, alongside fitness equipment specifically for teens and youth. Everyone ages 5 and up who visits your playground could be taking advantage of your outdoor fitness equipment for fun exercise and custom workouts of all intensities.

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Youth Outdoor Fitness Equipment Solutions

Park exercise equipment and fitness playgrounds help kids grow their appreciation for exercise by making it fun. Our teen and youth fitness courses combine individual equipment pieces into an interactive challenge course or jungle gym. Our innovative new Champions Trek obstacle course gives kids a full-body workout with equipment that requires strength, balance, coordination, agility and stamina. The stations in this challenge course include the challenging Chaos Climber, the Tapered Tower climber, the Breakaways low-angled platforms, the Sprawl Wall climber and the rock-climbing-inspired Crossway Climbers.

Kids can exercise together, challenge each other to complete exercises in succession or turn their exercise regimen into a game. This equipment is an excellent choice for elementary and middle school physical education departments, school playgrounds, parks and recreation departments, public urban spaces and neighborhoods.

Our kids’ fitness equipment includes many structures sized for kids ages 5-12. They include:

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Adult Outdoor Park Fitness Solutions

Kids aren’t the only ones who can enjoy playgrounds! Outdoor fitness equipment for adults is a huge attraction at public parks and recreation spaces. They can give parents something to do while their kids let loose at the playground. And they can even entice a whole new demographic to visit public amenities and enjoy a breath of fresh air. Fitness enthusiasts will love getting to do more than jog at the park, and public fitness equipment can help people save on gym memberships.

Outdoor fitness equipment makes an excellent office perk that also encourages health and wellness. It lets workers enjoy time outdoors before or after the workday. It also makes it more convenient for busy employees to fit personal health into their schedules. High schools, college campuses and urban public spaces can also incorporate adult fitness equipment to make exercise more accessible.

At Miracle Recreation, our adult exercise equipment features individual exercise stations and combined training systems that offer an entire workout and accommodate several people at once. Our full-sized equipment range includes:

An outdoor fitness area that includes several fitness stations or a group training structure can provide an invigorating workout for the whole body. Dip stations, hyperextension benches, push up bars and body curl benches target the core. Vertical and rope climbers, step-up bars, rowing stations and balance beams work the arms and legs.

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Pushing the limits with outdoor fitness. Miracle’s Outdoor Training Systems offer a comprehensive exercise system.

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Bring Exercise to Your Space with Park Workout Equipment

If you’re interested in bringing youth and adult fitness stations to your outdoor space or place of business, Miracle Recreation has you covered. Our collection of attractive, durable fitness & athletic equipment can transform any outdoor space into a health and fitness hub. To get started, find your Miracle Recreation representative and reach out to begin designing your custom outdoor fitness playground.

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