Inclusive & Accessible Playground Equipment

Inclusive & Accessible Playground Equipment

At Miracle® Recreation, we believe that every kid deserves to play, feel exhilarated and experience new environments. That’s why we offer a variety of playground solutions that provide accessibility and sensory benefits to create truly inclusive play spaces that are exciting, challenging and help kids of all ages and abilities enjoy playing together. We call this kind of play space a PLAYGROUND FOR ALL™.

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Shaping the Future of Play® with Playgrounds for All

An inclusive playground is intentionally designed so that children of all ages and abilities can play, be challenged, and have fun together. It goes beyond basic wheelchair accessibility and ensures that all kids have an inviting and enjoyable playground experience. Our inclusive Playgrounds for All program supports the FIVE Fundamentals below.

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The senses give kids information about the world around them and where their bodies are in space. All kids learn at their own pace, and sensory experiences help all kids explore their world and develop motor skills, physical strength and cognitive functioning.

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An inclusive playground should provide a space where kids of all ages and abilities can come together and have fun. We help reach different populations through our inclusive play designs by:

  • Providing a graduated range of challenge
  • Grouping similar equipment together
  • Offering equipment for multiple age groups
  • Providing real choices of play for each child

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With the right inclusive play equipment selections, we make sure all kids can access our equipment. Kids with wheelchairs, crutches or differing ranges of motion can play on our equipment thanks to our intentional designs.

  • Protective, shock-absorbing unitary surfacing
  • Wide movement routes
  • Smooth, even transitions on and off equipment

Kids on the autism spectrum or those with sensory integration disorders need playground equipment that stimulate their senses without overwhelming them. Our inclusive playscapes accomplish this by offering cozy, quiet spaces, establishing perimeter paths and fences and providing a wayfinding system that includes an orientation path.


Kids in each stage of development play in different ways. Some want to interact and play games with their friends, while others want a space to play by themselves or with some social proximity to peers. Our equipment supports kids in each of the six stages of play, including: Solitary play, Onlooker play, Parallel play, Associative play and Cooperative play.


Creating Inclusive Playgrounds Together

Miracle Recreation offers a variety of innovative, easy to clean and maintain inclusive playground equipment, which helps children of all abilities enjoy being children. Our inclusive playground design solutions let you stay compliant with ADA requirements while still offering engaging and fun play for all children. While there is no such thing as ADA playground equipment, Miracle Recreation works with you to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) through equipment selection and layout of equipment.

At Miracle Recreation, we know that shaping the future of play® means looking beyond the traditional approach of wheelchair-accessible ramps. Inclusive playground design includes systems and components that allow all children to play together in a rich and engaging way. In an inclusive play space, children of different abilities can play together, ensuring no one is left out.

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Click here to discover how Miracle Recreation designs inclusive multi-sensory playground experiences, and learn how to incorporate inclusive play principles into an existing or new playground!

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See our lines of inclusive equipment for accessibility and sensory stimulation in action with these videos.

Sensory Outdoor Play Equipment

One way to include all kids in a playground is through our sensory playground equipment. Sensory play equipment incorporates the unique sensory processing needs of kids on the autism spectrum or with specific sensory needs, offering them the opportunity to play independently alongside others without getting overwhelmed by the noise and stimulation of a playground.

Kids on the autism spectrum may find it challenging to socialize and play with others. On Playgrounds for All, we consider these needs when we lay out our sensory play equipment. Some of our sensory play equipment provides exciting sensory experiences for kids who need a lot of vestibular and proprioceptive input. Other equipment supports the kids with sensory processing disorders who might need a calming environment. A product such as our Sensory Maze is great for this type of sensory play as it allows kids to explore light and texture in a soothing and non-overwhelming environment.

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Designing Inclusive Play Spaces for All

Help develop the abilities and captivate the imagination of every kid by adding an all inclusive playground to your play environment. For more information about our inclusive play products and to start designing your own Playground for All, contact your local Miracle Recreation representative today.

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Note: At Miracle Recreation, we’re aware of the ongoing debate in the autism community over the use of identity-first (autistic person) and person-first (person with autism) language. We understand the choice is a highly personal one, especially for individuals in the autism community, so we’ve decided to use a combination of person-first and identity-first language.