Playground Structures

Playground Structures

Since 1927, Miracle® Recreation has been creating innovative playground structures that engage school-aged kids both physically and mentally. We understand the importance of creating playground structures that encourage active play, which is why we develop a wide range of equipment and sculptures for schools, daycares, parks and other businesses in diverse industries.

With extensive materials, coatings, textures and colors to choose from, designing an outdoor play space has never been easier. With our focus on continuous playground equipment innovation and development, you can trust that no matter which one of our commercial play structures you choose, you’ll take advantage of quality and value.

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Crafting Ideal Foundations for Playgrounds Through Our Ground Sculptures

Kids of all ages will enjoy spending hours exploring and engaging in active play as they climb up and down brightly colored stairs, test their strength and balance on jungle gyms and swoosh down exhilarating slides.

Start designing the perfect foundation at your playground with one of our outdoor structures:

For a fun touch, we also carry an array of playground animal sculptures to coordinate with your design. Whether you incorporate jungle animals or ladybugs, these play structures will add an eye-catching and playful element.

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Benefits of Outdoor Playground Sculptures

No matter where you decide to install them, outdoor playground sculptures provide countless benefits to kids and families in your community. These commercial play structures will capture kids’ interest and encourage them to:

  • Get outside and move around: Playground elements such as rock climbing walls and fitness challenges make it easy to encourage kids to go outside, get some fresh air and be active.
  • Socialize with other kids: Kids of all ages can form friendships and learn valuable social skills as they interact with others on the playground.
  • Learn self-discovery and exploration: Whether they are crawling through tubes or going up a corkscrew climber, kids can participate in challenges that encourage exploration, resiliency and self-discovery.
  • Try hands-on learning: Features ranging from plastic drums to pufferfish tunnels can help kids have fun while exploring and learning about various topics.

Create a Personalized Playground Experience

Miracle Recreation designs innovative outdoor playground structures that fit all kinds of spaces. With the ability to create customizable and personalized outdoor playground structures, you can design an unforgettable playground experience in your community.

Because our products are built to last, it will be easy to continue attracting kids and their parents and providing an interactive, fun space for kids for at least a decade.

Bring the Thrill Back to Outdoor Play Spaces With Playground Sculptures From Miracle Recreation

At Miracle Recreation, we are proud to be a trusted playground equipment provider. Whether you are looking for the perfect outdoor playground sculptures for your school, park or community, we have a range of unique kids’ play structures for sale that will fit your needs and budget. With whichever components you choose, you can take advantage of thrilling, durable playground equipment — all for an affordable rate.

Interested in learning more about what we offer? Download or order a print version of our latest playground equipment catalog or reach out to a representative for assistance and a quote.

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