Playground Rocks

Reconnect kids with nature using rocks from Miracle® Recreation. Our playground rock climbing equipment will make kids feel like they’re in the middle of the jungle — right in their local park or school. Additionally, our rope equipment provides thrilling obstacles for kids to climb in-between play rocks. These products are the perfect addition to your natural-themed playground for kids of any age.

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Our playground climbing rocks aren’t just small rocks. We have products such as the Kidrox Mt. Kilimanjaro Rock Climber® that will have kids thinking they’re scaling a mountain. Not only are these rocks great for adding aesthetic appeal to your playground, but they’re also a fun and thrilling space for kids to climb on without fear. The Spider Monkey Web, Ant, Rhino, 2 Little Rocks® combo is another fun rock and ropes component for kids to climb in-between two rocks.

Where to Use Playground Rock Climbing Structures and Ropes

Landscape architects will love that these rock climbing playground structures can add natural elements to any playground designs while still offering a space for kids to play.

Our rocks and ropes make great additions to school and daycare playgrounds that want to incorporate unique elements into their structures. Urban areas will also benefit from natural components such as playground climbing rocks that may not exist in the middle of a city. Rocks and ropes can be added after a playground is completed or they can be the focal point of your design.

Why Choose Miracle Recreation Playground Rocks?

Miracle Recreation has been shaping the future of play since 1927. We’re committed to thrilling kids each and every day with innovative playground designs that are always leading to fun and lifelong memories. Our rocks and ropes playground components are no exception.

Don’t wait to add these components to your playground. Contact your local sales representative today for more information about our rocks, ropes and other products.

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