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Big Fun! Little Spaces!

Toddlers’ Choice Playground Equipment is a safe and fun line of playground equipment for toddlers. Little tots need access to fun, too! Unfortunately, playgrounds designed for older kids are not always age-appropriate for children under the age of 5, which is why this line of playground equipment for ages 2-5 is so ideal for preschools, daycares, playgrounds, parks, churches and other areas where younger ones are likely to play. Miracle Recreation® is a leader in child playground safety, so you know you can trust us to bring you equipment that encourages fun in a healthy way.

Why Is Preschool Playground Equipment Important?

During the preschool years, kids are developing fast. Play on a playground like Toddlers’ Choice Playground Equipment helps kids grow in several key areas:

  • Cognitive development. Toddlers are constantly taking in the world around them – picking up words, colors, shapes and more. Playgrounds can help with that learning process by exposing children to some of these critical concepts. The bright colors and shapes of Toddlers’ Choice Playground Equipment is a great learning opportunity for tots to explore, capturing their attention and paving the way for their later years of school.
  • Social skills. Using Toddlers’ Choice Playground Equipment means that toddlers learn about turn-taking, sharing, negotiating, following rules and other social skills. While playing, they also get to meet other toddlers and start forming independent bonds.
  • Physical development. Toddlers’ Choice Playground Equipment provides a safe place for children to work on fine motor skills, as well as larger muscle groups and coordination. Since these pieces are made with toddlers in mind, they have lower heights and ultra-sturdy construction, giving toddlers something to hold onto as they grow into their movements. There is also plenty of clearance space around these pieces, so parents and caregivers can offer support and help while tots play.
  • Emotional development. Toddlers’ Choice Playground Equipment encourages children’s imaginations and lets toddlers play pretend. This line of equipment is also designed with sensory exploration in mind. The bright colors, fun textures and sounds of the equipment help children explore the visual world, the sense of touch, sound and even kinesthetic senses.


If you’re looking for commercial playground equipment for toddlers, Toddlers’ Choice Playground Equipment offers quality, safety and plenty of choices. Select super modern-looking equipment, more classic pieces or even playgrounds with a definite look of nature – at Miracle Recreation, the possibilities are endless. You will thrill kids in your community and give them the skills they need to excel as they grow. To find out more, contact your nearest Miracle Recreation sales rep to find out how we can help you build the ideal playground for your space.

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