Top Inclusive and Sensory Products

Our Top Inclusive & Sensory Play Products

At Miracle®, we believe that every kid deserves to feel exhilarated and experience new environments. That’s why we offer a variety of products that provide accessibility and sensory benefits to create truly inclusive play spaces that are exciting, challenging, and help kids of all ages and abilities enjoy playing together.

Our top inclusive and sensory products support the five fundamentals found in every Playground for All™

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Every kid needs room to grow: They deserve to feel exhilarated by new sights, sounds, and textures—to experience adventure as an everyday occurrence, to share in the joy of exploration with their peers. We design playgrounds that not only meet ADA requirements, but also provide equally engaging opportunities for children of all ages and abilities to play together. We see the potential in every kid to become a leader. The following products are designed to captivate every child’s imagination and help them develop their abilities in any playground environment.

Miracle® Museum™

Miracle Museum is a new-to-the-playground-industry children’s museum experience that gives kids the chance to engage in fantastical sensory events. Children touch, listen, see, and play their way through this mesmerizing collection of products.

Add products from the Miracle Museum collection to your existing playground, or include them in a new design, to create a space where kids will want to spend their time exploring. Because most of Miracle Museum products do not require safety surfacing, they can convert under-utilized spaces into sensory rich play areas—think parking lots, old basketball courts, and more! And with modern, clean lines, Miracle Museum fits into unique settings such as lobbies, hospitals, waiting areas, and shopping centers.

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Sensory Panels

Designed by a child development expert, the Miracle® Recreation Sensory Panels combine the challenge of a traditional maze with imaginative play that enriches and thrills the senses. Children and adults of all ages and abilities, including those with sensory disabilities, can explore the distinctive textures, shapes and translucent colors of these reconfigurable panels by look and by feel, as a group or individually in their own, unique way. Those easily overstimulated by noise or activity can also find comfort in cozy, quiet spaces located throughout the maze.

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Children can ride the waves and enjoy the up-and-down motion of the Reflex. Multiple children can work together to achieve a smooth, swaying movement. The up-and-down movement that is hard to find on most playground equipment not only provides crucial vestibular sensation but also supports the development of balance, postural control and core strength and position awareness.

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Inclusive Whirl

Now children of all abilities can enjoy the thrill of spinning together. This inclusive spinner is built level with the ground, making it easy to board with space for up to two wheelchairs at once. An additional single seat provides extra physical support for kids or caregivers, while kids of different heights can hold on securely to sloping handrails.

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Alta Glide Inclusive Glider
& Alta Glide Flex

This swaying, bouncing, wheelchair accessible glider makes play exciting for all kids. The push-pull motion helps kids develop balance, coordination, eye tracking, and muscle tone. Wheelchair access ensures that all children have the chance to feel the exhilaration of moving through space in fun, enriching ways. Alta Glide Flex is also available.

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Roller Slide

The Roller Slide lets kids experience a new way to slide with the added movement and texture of rollers beneath them. The Roller Slide offers a tactile component combined with both movement — activating the vestibular sense — and sensation to muscles and joints, providing proprioceptive input.

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The Viper is a giant in-line rope swing designed for a single or multi-user experience. It combines balancing, swinging, and rocking movements with play interaction. Unlike traditional swings, the Viper promotes cooperative play, requiring teamwork and balance. Enjoyed by people of all ages, the open design enables a parent or caregiver to easily supervise and provide additional support as needed.

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Concerto is a line of outdoor musical equipment that lets kids of all abilities share the joy and benefits of creating music. Each instrument is designed to be played at angles and heights that are comfortable and accessible to all kids, including those with mobility devices. Concerto musical instruments are an easy way to bring inclusive play to any playground.

When struck with the attached rubber mallets, the Vibes and Chimes play sustained notes that engage kids’ senses with vibrations they can hear and feel. Both instruments are tuned on a diatonic scale, which helps kids learn to play real songs with accurate musical notes. Spinning Cabasas produce a metallic rattle that ranges in frequency according to each drum’s size. Kids can also keep the rhythm going on the Congas, which feature different diameters and lengths, giving each drum its own distinctive tone.

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Part swing, part track ride, the GlideAlong provides a swift, smooth glide back and forth suspended along an overhead rail. Each bay seats one rider on either a standard disc-style or an Inclusive Swing Seat. The accessible seat features an over-the-shoulder restraint with a high-angled back and contoured sides for added support. The GlideAlong helps activate and integrate the important sense of movement and gravity in new and interesting ways. Connect multiple bays so riders can enjoy a thrilling parallel play experience.

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Ten Spin

This popular, freestanding event allows children of all abilities to join in the fun by either sitting, kneeling, or standing. In addition to the benefits of the rotary motion to support balance, the shaped, deep seats offer postural support, providing helpful boundaries for children who need help recognizing and adjusting the position of their bodies.

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Mini City

Playhouses have been a favorite with kids for decades, but now the Miracle® Mini City builds an entire community around the concept. Created with input from experts in child development and inclusion, the fun and whimsical designs of the Mini City reflect life through the eyes of a child. Each product in the Mini City line was designed to be enjoyed by children of all abilities, including those with autism, developmental delays, and those who use mobility devices.

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Inclusive Swing Seat

This supportive seat offers all children a high-flying ride while helping them coordinate head and eye movements, stay upright against gravity, develop balance and equilibrium, and coordinate actions on the right and left sides of the body.

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Accelerator Swing

Built with a large disc and protective rubber bumper, this group swing incorporates the motion of a traditional swing with the added fun of interactivity. The Accelerator Swing helps activate and integrate the important sense of movement and gravity — the vestibular sense. Children can sit or lay on the swing and adults can join in the fun and provide additional support for a child.

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