Playground Equipment for Ages 5-12

When kids are in school, between the ages of five and twelve, they are learning at a rapid pace and during this time period, physical activity is essential. The ideal play areas for these kids encourage learning, promote being active and interacting with each other, and are engaging enough to keep kids interested in play.

That may sound like a tall order, but Miracle® Recreation has kids ages 5 –12 covered with a wide variety of playground equipment, site amenities, freestanding equipment and more. Better still, all of our play equipment for this age group brings high durability and value, so it can continue to bring joy to children’s lives for years to come.

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Miracle Recreation Brings the Thrill to Elementary School Playgrounds

Whether you’re buying play equipment for a school, park, recreation area, community, place of worship or other commercial space, Miracle Recreation can help. Our design support services work with you to get you the ideal elementary school playground for your needs and budget, and our extensive selection and customization options allow you to choose from many themes, activities and playtime possibilities. Whether you want a themed playground, inclusive space or have other goals, we can work with you to make it happen.

To get started, reach out to a Miracle Recreation representative for personal assistance with your playground project — our dedicated team can help you get just the right equipment for your needs.

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View our latest commercial playground equipment and many exciting new product offerings.

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