Early Childhood

Early Childhood Playground Equipment

For the early childhood market, play equipment and spaces are designed to engage young minds. Get inspiration with these playground options.

Themed Equipment

Let kids immerse themselves in unique and fantastical worlds with a themed playground. They can pretend to travel on a play structure that looks like a train, conquer the climb to the top of a castle or slide to the rescue from a firetruck.

Spring Riders

Encourage movement with spring riders that get young kids excited to be outside. Shapes like frogs and bees offer the chance to learn about wildlife, while spaceship riders let little kids become astronauts journeying to the stars.

Sensory Equipment

Kids discover sights, sounds and textures with sensory play equipment. These activity panels give children the opportunity for structured play that combines fun and learning.

Why Invest in Early Childhood Playground Equipment?

Early childhood centers should have play spaces with unique elements designed to:

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1. Get Kids Outside

Fresh air and fun encourage activity for young kids, helping them get energy out through play. Whether sliding, climbing or swinging, kids can spend time outside and get the health and happiness benefits that come with it.

Group of girls on bumble bee playground spring rider

2. Encourage Development

Kids of all ages can develop physical, social and emotional skills on the playground. This benefit is especially helpful for little ones. Children can build up concentration skills and confidence as they climb up a new play structure. They can improve fine motor skills as they engage with sensory panels and learn how to take turns using different play elements.

3. Combine Play with Learning

Preschoolers and young kids may have trouble concentrating in a classroom or engaging with a lesson. Take them out to the playground to learn about colors and shapes, cause and effect, or sharing and compromise in a thrilling environment.

Why Choose Miracle® Recreation for Preschool-Age Playground Equipment?

Miracle Recreation is an industry innovator. When you partner with us to develop your early childhood playground, you benefit from:

  • Decades of experience: We use our history to create the future of play. Our experience backs every project and informs the way we prioritize thrilling spaces that follow playground safety standards. You can feel confident about letting young visitors enjoy your playground.
  • Inclusive playground equipment: Every playground must meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Inclusive play spaces go further, with considerations like support for kids with sensory-related disabilities.
  • Custom equipment: Have a small space or specific branding needs for your play area? Not sure where to begin with your playground? We’ll help. With custom options and design services, we’ll use our expertise to optimize the play area’s layout and work one-on-one with you to understand your needs.

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If you’re interested in outdoor play equipment for early childhood but have a budget, Miracle Recreation can help you find fundraising and financing options for your playground projects. We have helped many early childhood centers support their children with great places for play, and we can help your center, too. You can check out some of our latest products in our product catalog below to get your project ideas started!

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