16 Fun Activities to Do at a Park

Parks are essential social and active spaces for communities. Providing many options for activities to do at the park can help keep people engaged in these important outdoor community spaces. 11 Fun Things to Play at the Park If you are searching…


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    Playtime should encompass and enhance the developmental skills kids learn in other areas of their lives. Music education is a distinct feature of many school districts. Music classes teach many valuable life skills, so kids can learn and…

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    Playgrounds are a beloved part of any school or park. Kids love to climb, slide and swing, letting their imaginations invent new ideas for playtime. Since playground equipment is exposed to all kinds of weather. it is essential to protect…

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    Boosting your community's health and fitness can be challenging, especially since many Americans do not get their physician-recommended amount of exercise. Inactivity and nutritional imbalances can lead to an unhealthy population with…