How to Choose a Playground Swing Set

There's no piece of playground equipment more iconic than a swing set. It offers a great way for children of all ages to relax, burn energy and improve their muscle strength. As swing sets play a fundamental role in any playground design, it's…


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    ESSER Funding Eligibility for Schools to Encourage Play

    The COVID-19 pandemic had a large impact on schools and their ability to educate learners across the country. In response to this crisis, the United States government created the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER)…

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      As we turn our attention to the rising temperatures ahead, it’s time for spring cleaning! It’s important to give play structures – and particularly outdoor ones impacted by weather – the proper cleaning and maintenance…

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    Playgrounds provide fun spaces for children to play, engage their imaginations and release pent-up energy. The goal of designing a play area for kids is to create a fun and engaging environment that caters to different play…

    How to Reduce Litter in Your Parks

    When you build a park, you envision it as a beautiful, natural space where community members can gather to relax and spend time with one another. Unfortunately, cleanliness can become a significant issue in your park over time — and…

    How to Budget for a New Playground Structure

    Playtime for children is often underestimated compared to time spent in the classroom. This time is essential for healthy development. From playtime, children can learn helpful skills they will need to navigate life. They can discover how…