PlayPower® Introduces PlayArmor™, First Antimicrobial Protective Coating Introduced Exclusively for Application on Commercial Playground Equipment & Site Furnishings

Trusted by Hospitals and Restaurants, PlayArmor Provides a Long-Lasting Antimicrobial Biostatic Finish That Neutralizes Microbes PlayArmor is available now for use exclusively on PlayPower’s brands of indoor and outdoor play equipment, and […]


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    Blog Posts

    Celebrating Autistic Pride Day

    Started in 2005 in an online forum for autistic people, Autistic Pride Day celebrates neurodiversity. According to Kabie Brook, the co-founder of Autism Rights Group Highland (ARGH), Autistics worldwide uses the day to show the world that […]

    Riverton Park, Temecula, California

    The City of Temecula, California has a longstanding commitment to keeping its parks unique and updated. Riverton Park, a space beloved by the local community, had not been updated since it was originally installed in 1994. Staying true to […]

    Maintenance Tips for School Playgrounds

    School administrators should regularly review playground maintenance tips with staff. To ensure that children stay safe while playing, proper maintenance of your equipment and the surrounding area is essential. Correct upkeep […]

    Common Terms for Playground Equipment

    Playgrounds of all shapes and sizes offer kids the opportunity to play. The bright colors and stimulating configurations of a great playground can engage kids in ways they don't experience anywhere else, giving them a chance to let their […]

    Rochester Rotary Sunshine Campus

    Since 1922, Rochester Rotary Sunshine Campus has provided a summer camp where children with disabilities can enjoy the fun of being kids without any barriers. Today, this 157-acre, fully accessible residential summer camp in Rush, New […]

    Creating a Playground for Visually Impaired Children

    Kids deserve to play, and that fact shouldn't be affected by a disability — that's why it's important to have playgrounds and parks that are accessible to children who are blind or otherwise visually impaired. Accessible parks for […]

    The Role of Play in the Mental Health of Children

    There's a closer link between play and child mental health than you might realize. As more and more people begin to question the necessity of recess and free play for kids, behavioral professionals are examining the effects playing has […]