Daycare Outdoor Play Area Ideas and Activities

Play is one of the most crucial aspects of childhood, and daycare is full of opportunities for kids to practice. In particular, outdoor play spaces allow kids to play without structure while engaging in nature. Caregivers should strive to provide a…


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    The Best No-Contact Playground Games

    Whether you have a big group of kids to entertain or just a few, you may find yourself looking for ways to minimize physical contact while they play. Non-contact playground games can be a great way to include everyone, regardless of…

    How to Design a Toddler-Friendly Park

    All kids should have access to an outdoor environment that allows them to discover, play and explore while learning new physical, social and cognitive skills. During the early years, it's particularly critical for toddlers to engage in…

    Playground Games That Teach Teamwork

    Teamwork is a vital part of everyone's life. From daycare to school to work, everyone needs to learn how to work with others, consider others' opinions and cooperate to reach a shared goal. On the playground, kids of all ages can engage in…

    8 Reasons to Install a Beach Playground

    Beach playgrounds are special — they offer a new and thrilling way to enjoy the shore for kids and adults alike. Having a playground at the beach has many benefits for both visitors and the community. Between drawing in more families…

    Benefits of Incorporating STEM Education Into Schools

    Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs are comprehensive interdisciplinary studies that students of all ages can learn. STEM fields are significant forces of innovation and development, resulting in modern technology and…