A Guide to Architectural Playground Designs

Designing a playground requires following certain architectural principles to help create fun, accessible play areas for kids. Landscape designers know that design principles and architectural playground equipment are two key elements when creating…


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    Benefits of Play for Different Age Groups

    Playgrounds encourage an environment where kids of different ages and personalities can play together. There are opportunities for new experiences and learning, whether it is through independent play or in a teamwork situation. Kids are…

    The Importance of Sensory Play and Playgrounds

    From day one, a child's brain is wired to use their senses to explore the world around them. Even before they can talk, babies make noise, put things in their mouths and grab anything they can get their hands on. As kids grow older, this…

    How to Attract More People to Your Park

    Community parks are appealing places for people to gather, socialize, play and enjoy the outdoors. Feeling the warm sunshine, listening to birdsong and enjoying children's laughter from the playground bring delight to a park's environment.…

    Sensory Play Activities

    A big part of growing up is learning about the world around you, and a lot of that happens through the senses. As kids feel, hear, see, smell and taste in their environments, they build up important skills. Sensory play is a type of play…

    6 Tips for Keeping City Parks Safer

    City parks are a valuable addition to any community, providing a public space for people of all ages to gather and have fun or enjoy some exercise. A city park should be a welcoming place that puts people at ease. However, the design and…

    Designing a Musical Playground

    Music is a universal language everyone understands. Experiencing music in the great outdoors is a fantastic way to promote better community engagement by bringing people together. Adding musical elements to an outdoor playground provides a…

    Tips to Reduce Screen Time for Children

    Whether your kids are watching their favorite show, playing an educational game or coloring on an app, they may be spending much more time watching screens than recommended. The more time they spend on screens, the less time they have…

    How to Create an Outdoor Fitness Area

    Throughout our lives, we need exercise and fresh air to feel good. Outdoor fitness areas offer both, helping people work out and get a daily dose of the outdoors at the same time. They work well in neighborhoods, near parks and along…