Going Beyond Accessibility to Create Fully Inclusive School Playgrounds

School playgrounds should serve as vital components of students’ social, emotional, and physical development – and that means ALL students. We know that compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is essential. Following…


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    How to Create Play Spaces That Stimulate Learning

    Kids learn by engaging with their surroundings and others. Creating a play space that stimulates learning requires carefully selecting materials, equipment and other resources that align with their educational curriculum. These spaces are…

    Benefits of Adding a Playground to Your Church

    A playground offers so much more than just fun play equipment. Kids learn about themselves and the world around them while playing on a playground. Friendships form, memories are made and life lessons are learned, all while kids have…

    The Benefits of Recess

    For many school-aged children, recess is the highlight of their day. The break from classroom instruction provides an opportunity for kids to reenergize as they enjoy fresh air and opportunities for creative play and socialization.…