Why Miracle Recreation

Why Choose Miracle Recreation

Shaping the Future of Play®

Miracle playgrounds are designed to prepare children for their future. We believe that a lifetime of self-discovery, independence, and leadership begins on a playground—where children take perceived risks that challenge, transform, and invite them to see new perspectives. Stepping out of their comfort zones shouldn’t be a special occasion. It’s an everyday part of growing up when children play on a Miracle playground.

At Miracle, we believe kids want action! Thrilling and challenging play experiences test individual limits, teaching children coping skills while also building resilience.

We believe freedom of exploration allows for self-discovery, creating more independent individuals that are confident in their choices.

Every Miracle play space is built with innovation from the ground up. From the smallest details like clamps and coatings to the next big idea in play concepts, our dedication to innovation is the secret to creating playgrounds that last.

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We believe the thrill and challenge of a Miracle playground should be inclusive, because an individual’s journey of self-discovery should have no limitations.

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We believe in our community of family businesses and local neighborhoods, who understand that investing in play is investing in their children, who will be the leaders of tomorrow.

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Click to learn more about our century-long history and the people who made Miracle what it is today.
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Miracle playgrounds are built to last. We back this claim with an ironclad warranty.
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Continuing Education

We showcase our expertise through educational sessions, delivered in partnership with top knowledge experts throughout the playground industry.
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Commitment to Safety

Safety is built into everything that we create. We ensure our products are compliant with standards governed by reputable safety organizations in the playground industry.
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Nothing is more precious than the future our children will live in. Click to learn about our dedication to green initiatives.
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Being one of the oldest playground manufacturers in the world comes with its fair share of stories. Our blog highlights news and recent events at Miracle Recreation.
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Miracle representatives make creating playgrounds a family tradition.

One of the reasons why Miracle playgrounds are in touch with what communities need is because many of our representatives come from families who have worked with Miracle in the playground industry for decades. With representatives located all over the world, it means we are by your side to build a strong and happy community through play.

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