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Sensory playgrounds use activities and equipment to stimulate all senses, promoting and encouraging development in kids.

At Miracle Recreation Equipment Company®, we believe every playground should be rich in sensory experiences that bring kids of all abilities together in play — going beyond just the need for wheelchair access. Our team understands the importance of education, interaction, safety and thrill when it comes to sensory playground equipment.

Since 1927, Miracle Recreation has been at the forefront of innovation and design. We customize commercial-grade sensory park playground equipment to fit your needs, whether for a park, daycare, church, campground, housing development or school.

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Develops Core Senses
Builds Skills
Soothes & Calms
Encourages Curiosity
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Boosts Creativity
Promotes Education
Inspires Learning

Sensory Playgrounds Encourages Exploration and Discovery

Sensory playground equipment provides an experience that’s “just-right” for kids needing sensory stimulation. Plus, playground sensory equipment  helps kids express emotion, develop problem-solving skills and build lasting confidence. Sensory playground equipment that engages senses of sight, touch, hearing and more, can enrich any play experience.

Learn more about our sensory panels that were created by child development experts to meet the play needs of all abilities!

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How to Include Sensory Components in Your Playground

There are several ways your playground can provide multi-sensory play experiences, including:

1. Visual

Visual: Engage the sense of sight with sensory equipment for playgrounds in various shapes.

2. Hearing

Hearing: Include musical playground instruments in your commercial playground space to engage kids’ hearing.

Panel call of the wild sensory play

3. Touch

Sensory playground equipment with texture can help kids engage in tactile play.

children climbing up sensory climber with many vertical disks

4. Vestibular: 

Help kids improve their balance with sensory play equipment such as our Accelerator Swing.

Sensory Playground Equipment From Miracle 

At Miracle Recreation, we offer a variety of outdoor sensory play equipment that provide sensory benefits to kids. Our vast inventory includes sensory activities such as musical equipment and ground-level play activities, including Ten Spin.

Other sensory play pieces from Miracle include:

  • Sensory Maze: This sensory playground maze encourages kids to explore light and texture in a soothing environment. 
  • Concerto Vibes: The Concerto line of playground instrument equipment, including the Concerto Vibes, engages kids’ senses with vibrations they can feel and hear. 
  • Cyclo Cone Plus Climber: Kids of all abilities can engage in an exciting play experience with an entrance to the cone center. They can climb and spin inside the structure for a whirlwind of playtime excitement.

Feel free to check out our Miracle Museum™ line for playground equipment that engages kids in fantastical sensory events.

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Request a Quote for Sensory Playground Equipment Today

If you’d like to learn more about creating playgrounds that appeal to kids’ senses, Miracle Recreation is ready to help. Our team provides a full range of support and has design options to fit your space and budget. We’re also committed to helping you through all stages of the playground installation process, from design to fabrication. 

All sensory playground equipment offered in the Miracle Recreation catalog undergo strict quality checks. Our goal is to give you all the information you need to choose the right products so that you can create a thrilling, stimulating experience for kids without stress. Contact one of our representatives today to request a free quote.

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