Ages 6-23 Months

Playground Equipment for Ages 6-23 Months

The first 23 months of life are a busy time. Around 7 months, many babies are beginning to master the art of sitting up. By 9 months, babies can often crawl, and some can begin walking around 12 months. By the time kids reach the toddler stage, they can typically run, kick and walk up stairs on their own.

Miracle® Recreation provides commercial play equipment for day cares, early childhood centers, parks and other organizations that need playgrounds designed for the earliest stages of toddlerhood. Our customization options and design services allow you to build a playground that’s age-appropriate for babies and toddlers. We can also work with you to design and build a playground that’s suitable for multiple age ranges.

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Playground Equipment for Early Toddlerhood

Playground equipment for babies and toddlers should help encourage sensory exploration as kids learn to navigate the world. Miracle Recreation provides play structures that encourage discovery in a setting tailored to this stage of development.

We offer a wide selection of kids’ play equipment designed to meet your budget and needs. Our baby and toddler equipment helps to encourage curiosity and develop the senses. Young toddlers will want to return to your playground to explore and play repeatedly. As they get older, they can grow into the playground equipment meant for bigger kids.

Some examples of playground equipment that’s appropriate for kids aged 6 to 23 months include:

  • Climbers: Climbers, such as our Bunny and Ladybug climbers, help kids learn where their bodies are in space so they can learn to plan their movements. As a bonus, the climbers come in cute and whimsical designs to appeal to babies and toddlers.
  • Slides: Slides create a thrilling playground experience, even for the youngest of adventurers. Our slides for young toddlers are low to the ground and made from durable, smooth materials.
  • Sensory equipment: Sensory playground equipment helps babies and toddlers develop their core senses and build their skills. This playground equipment also encourages creativity and can create a calming space for kids who need it.
  • Activity panels: Tiny tots can learn to play along with others at an activity center. An activity center features several panels with different sensory elements. Plus, there’s a cover to protect little ones from the sun.

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Work With Miracle Recreation

You have a lot to think about when designing a play area for babies and toddlers. Miracle Recreation has many play options for you to choose from, and we’re ready to help you build an inviting, safe and engaging play area for kids aged 6 to 23 months.

We’ll work to provide a balance of quality and value while taking your needs and the size of your outdoor space under consideration. If you’re looking to incorporate a play area for toddlers into an existing playground, we’ll work with you to bring that to life, too.

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