Site Amenities

Site Amenities

No outdoor public space is complete without the proper site amenities. At Miracle® Recreation, we take pride in our ability to furnish any location, including campgrounds, schools, daycares, parks, universities, HOAs, office buildings, multi-family communities, shopping centers and more. 

Site Amenities

Site Amenity Products

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Commercial Site Amenities and Furnishings

At Miracle, we offer the highest quality site furnishings to fit your commercial landscape design. Our team is committed to ensuring our product selection exceeds your expectations in value, durability and price. 

Choose from our vast selection of site amenity options, including:

  • Commercial Picnic Tables: Outdoor commercial picnic tables are a must-have for any recreational area. Attract visitors and encourage them to come back with an inviting place for snacking, eating, playing cards or reading. 
  • Playground Park Benches: A playground bench is another amenity that exudes comfort, warmth and a sense of community. When visitors know they have a place to sit, relax and watch their kids play or use the facilities, they’re more likely to come back. 
  • Commercial Litter Receptacles: Keep your community litter-free with customizable litter receptacles. 
  • Grills and Fire Rings: What better way to attract visitors than with an outdoor grill for barbecues? Encourage families and communities to come together with this wildly popular pastime. Fire rings encourage visitors to have a quality camping experience and are an essential component of any location that permits campfires. 
  • Commercial Bike Racks: Set your park, school or other commercial space apart with a communal bike rack. Bike racks offer a place for community members to store their bikes safely while they play or enjoy your facilities. They can also help encourage people to be more independent and eco-friendly by riding a bike instead of driving.
  • Athletic Equipment: Miracle has worked with hundreds of communities to introduce creative and innovative outdoor athletic equipment. Athletic equipment provides a fun opportunity for individuals to boost fitness levels.  

Why Choose Miracle Recreation for Park Amenities?

At Miracle Recreation, our playgrounds are designed with thrill and excitement in mind. We ensure kids of all ages and abilities can benefit from our inclusive, themed and customizable park playground equipment. As one of the largest playground manufacturers in the world, Miracle Recreation has the innovative tools and industry know-how to bring your ideal playground to life.

Other advantages of partnering with Miracle include:

  • We are an innovator in the playground industry
  • We design and manufacture a wide variety of adult fitness equipment, site amenities and shade options 
  • Our playgrounds attract repeat visitors and attract more foot traffic to your location
  • We provide playgrounds and site amenities that suit your needs, space and budget

Order Your Site Furnishings From Miracle Recreation 

Are you ready to spruce up your commercial space with site furnishings and much-needed amenities? If so, Miracle Recreation offers commercial picnic tables, playground benches and much more. Request a free quote for any of our site amenity products today. You can also feel free to browse our wide range of commercial playground equipment.