Grills and Fire Rings

Giving families a place to socialize with their neighbors and community members, gather for fun, get involved in the community and bring their kids is a great way to bring people together and make your community area stand out. Whether you’re installing a new playground with a family gathering area included, updating a park or adding amenities to your outdoor space, you want it to offer the best of everything — and adding an outdoor grill will let community members take advantage of your park and spend even more time there with family, friends and kids.

When you’re looking for the best commercial charcoal grills for sale, you’ll find that Miracle Recreation® offers everything you need to make your outdoor area exceptional.

Fire RingCommercial Park Grills for Sale

Here at Miracle Recreation, we make it our business to bring the thrill back to outdoor community areas, parks and playgrounds. Offering a wide variety of innovative, high-quality play and fitness equipment for parks, kids’ playgrounds and other outdoor sites, we also provide extras and amenities like our premium, durable grills for your park or community’s picnic area. Our options include:

  • Fire rings: Give your community members a high-tech but homey space to sit around the fire ring and have an outdoor dinner with our sleek fire ring options.
  • Covered grills: Our covered grills protect against wear and weather, letting your visitors cook their outdoor meals easily and conveniently.
  • Open grills: Grill up some hotdogs, hamburgers and more with our classic and vandal-resistant fireboxes.
  • Group grills: Let your park visitors gather together and cook group meals with our special group grill options.

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Applications for Outdoor Park Grills

Miracle’s grills are durable and sleek in design, and they’ll help bring out the best in your park, campsite, or playground’s design and function. Incorporate them into your outdoor area in a variety of community settings, including:

  • Neighborhoods
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Urban community areas
  • Community centers
  • Sports fields
  • Campsites
  • And more!

Why Choose Miracle for Your Outdoor Park Grill?

At Miracle Recreation, we’re dedicated to making your community more fun, your play areas thrilling and your parks perfect for everyone. With our high-quality, durable grills in innovative designs, everyone in your area can enjoy time together spent outdoors and a good, grilled meal. Contact your nearest Miracle sales rep to talk about getting a quote for your commercial park grill needs today!