Commercial Litter Receptacles

If you’re installing a park or playground to make your outdoor area more family-friendly, provide people with a place to socialize and exercise and give kids a place to play, you want it to have the best of everything — including equipment and amenities.

When it comes to keeping your outdoor space appealing, attractive and environmentally-friendly, playground trash cans and litter receptacles are something you can’t overlook. Every park and community area needs to install them to make sure the space stays clean and offers visitors every option. If you’re looking for the most durable, high-quality and visually appealing receptacles to keep your outdoor area clean, Miracle Recreation Equipment Company® offers the equipment you need.

Traditional ReceptacleCommercial Park Trash Cans and Commercial Recycling Receptacles

At Miracle Recreation, our business is built around bringing the thrill back to parks and play areas with quality equipment, and encouraging active, exciting lifestyles for both kids and adults. With Miracle, even commercial park trash cans and recycling bins can become an exciting part of revitalizing and recreating your community area.

Kids at play and supervising adults should know there’s a place to dispose of their snack wrappers, water bottles, and other trash while they enjoy the park. Choose from our variety of top-quality, discreet receptacles to keep your park or playground area clean. Options include:

  • Receptacles and posts: Choose from our receptacle options to suit the litter and recycling needs of your park or outdoor space.
  • Recycling and litter lids: Designate your trash and recycling cans with our litter and recycling lid options.
  • Receptacle liners: Whatever you need to keep your park clean, we provide — including liners for your commercial trash cans.

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Applications for Playground Trash Cans

Here at Miracle, we offer only the best in everything — from our innovative play equipment to our top-quality functional amenities and equipment like our litter receptacles. Commercial trash cans are useful and necessary in a variety of settings in your community, including:

  • Neighborhood streets and common areas
  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Campsites
  • School grounds
  • Community centers
  • Urban areas
  • Sports fields
  • Parking lots
  • And so much more!

Why Choose Miracle for Your Litter Receptacles?

Miracle Recreation is more than an equipment company — we’re a collection of innovators offering unique equipment and essentials to make your park or playground the best in your community. No matter the number of visitors you often get, we can cover your trash can and recycling setup. Reinforce your outdoor area with clean, attractive trash and recycling receptacles — contact your nearby Miracle rep and request a quote today.