Outdoor Athletic Equipment

If you’re thinking of installing or updating a playground and park area to make your site the most modern and motivating outdoor space in your community, you’ll find that adding extra amenities like athletic equipment is sure to get everyone excited enough to keep coming back. With outdoor athletic equipment from Miracle® Recreation, kids can have more than a playground to explore, and adults can get involved in the fun with high-quality, exciting athletic and sporting equipment for everyone to enjoy.

When you’re looking for the most fun, high-quality playground basketball hoops, ball fun tunnels and other athletic equipment options, you’ll be happy to know that we offer everything you need to pump up your community.

Basketball HoopFun Tunnels and Basketball Hoops for Playgrounds and More

At Miracle Recreation, our equipment means more to us than an installment in an outdoor setting — it means offering schools, parks, playgrounds and other family-friendly sites the chance to bring thrill and energy into their play areas to appeal to people of all ages and encourage a healthy lifestyle. With our wide variety of innovative, high-quality athletic equipment, we offer you the opportunity to customize your outdoor play area with a variety of options. Our selection of equipment includes:

  • Fun tunnels: Keep the kids of the community occupied with this fun way to play with balls of all sizes and other kids of all ages.
  • Baseball backstops: Thinking of incorporating a sporting field into your park or playground? Our baseball backstops are the best way to start.
  • Tetherball stands: Feature this simple but classic piece of fun play equipment on your playground to make everyone happy.
  • Basketball hoops for playgrounds: Everyone can join in the game with our basketball hoop, rim and backboard options for your school, park or playground.

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Applications for Miracle Outdoor School Basketball Hoops and Athletic Playground Equipment

Miracle’s school basketball hoops and other sporting and athletic equipment are perfect for adding an extra touch to your playground or park. Everyone can get involved in the game when you add your choice of equipment to the area. Our basketball hoops and more work well in a multitude of outdoor settings, including:

  • Parks and playgrounds
  • Schools
  • Neighborhoods
  • Urban community areas
  • Community centers
  • And more!

Why Choose Miracle for Your Outdoor Athletic Equipment?

When you choose Miracle Equipment for your park or playground equipment upgrades, you’re installing more than basketball hoops and athletic equipment into your community area. With the most durable, high-quality products and innovative designs, you’re putting the thrill back in playing outdoors. Contact your nearest Miracle rep to talk about how to improve your community with our athletic equipment, and request a quote today.