Our Company’s Response to the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Pandemic

To Our Partners,

Our hearts go out to anyone in your community and around the globe affected by the coronavirus.  Like you, we are monitoring global events closely and taking all prudent steps to ensure the health of our workforce and the continuity of our supply chain.

Our partnership with you is of paramount importance to us.  We know you are counting on us and we take very seriously our obligation to deliver the highest quality products to you, on-time, and in-full.  In that spirit, we will communicate with you proactively as always and note:

  • Manufacturing Lead Times.  We have not experienced any material lead time delays in our manufacturing plants.
  • Our Supply Chain.  We have not experienced any material disruptions in our supply chain and we are in frequent contact with our suppliers.
  • Our Employees and Facilities.  Our office and non-production staff are following the guidance of health care leaders and working remotely wherever possible but with full computer, phone and video-conferencing capability.  Inside of our facilities, we are following the best available guidance on Social Distancing and Workplace Hygiene and have intensified the level of disinfection and cleaning performed by our cleaning staffs.
  • Contingency Planning / Technology.  We are taking a conservative approach to the pandemic and have undertaken significant actions internally to ensure our workforce is safe, able to service your needs, and able to work remotely from a technological perspective.

To contact your local authorized representative, please click here.

Stay Healthy,

Bryan J. Yeazel 
Chief Executive Officer

W. Todd Brinker
Senior Vice President

Mike Sutton
Vice President, Miracle