Pioneering the Future of Play Through People, Processes, and Systems

At Miracle Recreation, we believe investing in our people, processes, and systems is the key to remaining a leader in outdoor recreation manufacturing. Following the onset of COVID-19, our play industry faced both unprecedented challenges and opportunities. As we wind down 2023, we’re excited to share how we overcame these challenges and the investments we made over the past three years.

  • People: Attracting and retaining talent has been our top priority. It not only improves our company culture, but it ensures consistent product quality for our customers. We upgraded our training programs, giving our valued employees advanced skills to do their best work, and reviewed our compensation and incentive programs to become the employer of choice in the region.
  • Processes: Maintaining Miracle’s nearly century standard of excellence means ensuring our processes are up to the task. Our engineering leadership team has never been stronger, and they’ve leveled up our manufacturing quality and delivery timetable. We are committed to continuous improvement practices, taking positive steps every day.
  • Systems: Introducing innovative products is what Miracle is known for, and we can only do that if we have the most advanced machinery and equipment. In 2023 alone, we’ve invested more than $10 million in our facility in Monett, Missouri.

A lot has changed since Miracle’s founding nearly a century ago in 1927, but our commitment to creativity, innovation, and our customers has never wavered. We are excited for the future and prepared to bring thrilling play to communities near and far, for decades to come.

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