Champions Trek

Champions Trek

Create obstacle-course thrills by combining a series of custom climbing challenges designed to promote physical development through friendly competition. Champions Trek puts kids through the paces, providing an active, full-body workout that helps improve strength, agility, coordination, and mobility while pushing the limits of fun. Use our products from our Champions Trek product line along with a variety of our other freestanding products to create a fun challenge no matter your space or budget!

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Chaos Climber

This challenging climber gives kids a variety of play paths to push the limits of their upper-body strength, coordination, agility, and stamina. They can test their balance on the horizontal ropes, swing hand-over-hand on the upper body climber, or hang out together on the suspended foot cleats.

Tapered Tower

This climber builds upperbody strength while providing a variety of thrilling paths to the top. It’s also the perfect finishing event that gives kids a real sense of accomplishment when they ring the bell to complete the course. It can be a standalone event or linked for easy transfer to various deck heights (3’ to 6’-6”).


Kids can develop strength, coordination, balance, and agility as they leap back and forth between these low angled platforms, based on an iconic obstacle course event. They can also cling to the platforms or enjoy social play by making it a fun hangout spot.

Sprawl Wall

This unique climber delivers a full-body workout with a challenging twist on an iconic obstacle course event. It features a variety of play paths with climbing features on both sides of the wall. Kids can conquer the gap by wedging their arms and legs between the angled walls, or climb and hang out on the rails and handholds on the outer walls with their friends.

Crossway Climbers

These versatile climbers provide multiple play opportunities, engaging children on physical, social, and imaginative levels with elevated climbs that deliver a greater sense of both risk and accomplishment. Large and small Crossway Climbers can be clustered together to create unique climbing environments or functionally linked to decks of varying heights, ground-level play components, play structures, and existing Miracle® components (including Kids’ Choice®, Tots’ Choice®, and Phyzics®) for a variety of play paths and challenge levels.

Champions Trek Brochure

Miracle is leading the way in creative, fitness course design with the new Champion’s Trek. If you’d like even more information about Champions Trek, click below to view our brochure!

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