Creating a long-lasting playground requires an investment of time, creativity and funds. Many businesses want to incorporate new playground structures onto their property but aren’t sure how to work the project into their budget. Miracle Recreation is committed to collaborating with you to ensure you can bring the power of play into your community, no matter the financial obstacles standing in your way. In addition to flexible phasing programs and government financing options, crowdsourcing can be a fantastic resource for businesses like yours.

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What Is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding, also known as crowdsourcing, involves reaching out to others for donations to fund a project. Between local fundraising events and digital crowdfunding websites, like GoFundMe and Kickstarter, there are plenty of resources available to help you finance your playground project. You may decide to stick with crowdfunding from groups in your community, or you might aim to raise money from around the country.

Successful crowdsourcing requires rallying people to support your idea, setting a clear fundraising goal and incentivizing people to contribute financially. Crowdfunding for a playground has an obvious and engaging perk, as members of your community will be able to directly benefit from your completed play structures for years to come.

The Crowdfunding Process

A crowdsourcing campaign typically follows a series of steps, including:

  • Planning: Conduct research, determine a clear fundraising goal and create a crowdfunding strategy.
  • Rallying: Begin to spread the word and engage with prospective donors, including local businesses, schools, families and community leaders.
  • Engaging: Officially launch your crowdfunding campaign and continue to engage with your audience on social media and through fun events.
  • Implementing: Execute your crowdfunding and keep your audience aware through news coverage and incentivized prizes.

Tips to Create a Successful Crowdfunding Plan

There are many tips and tricks you can try to boost the appeal of your crowdfunding plan. Don’t be afraid to get creative and try some off-the-wall ideas — breaking outside of the norm will likely bring extra attention to your campaign. Wondering how to boost your fundraising success? Try:

Hosting social events

Fun events bring your community together and give you a chance to spread the message about your project. During a big gathering, offer plenty of fundraising options like bake sales, car sales, auctions or pay-to-play games.

Giving prizes

Entice your community to participate with tiered prizes based on the donation size. Determine several donor levels and brainstorm some fun, simple rewards like stickers, coupons or tickets to local activities.

Collaborating with local businesses

Companies in your area may be willing to pitch in for the cost of your playground in return for advertising opportunities. Determine what kind of advertising spaces you're willing to offer and make a list of businesses that

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Ready to start crowdfunding for the playground of your dreams? Miracle Recreation is here to help make the process simple and speedy. To learn more about playground fundraising or explore our leasing and grant options, reach out to a representative today. We can answer any questions and help you navigate the playground planning process from start to finish.

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